Five epic collabs where good cars led to great bikes

Cars and bikes don't always get along but sometimes an injection of automotive know-how can make for better bicycles

Picture shows a McLaren sports car carrying two Specialized McLaren Venge bikes
(Image credit: Specialized)

Cars usually don't make a great ride better. At best, they're a distraction; At worst, a threat to your life. But some cars certainly do have their charms. Some of the world's most talented engineers work to make four-wheeled machines lighter, faster, and more powerful. Every now and again, those boffins turn their focus to machines with two wheels. 

When those minds align with the brightest engineers on the cycling side of things, the results can be wonderful. Or, they can be thinly veneered marketing mashups – like a new shade of paint and an extra logo emblazoned on the top tube.

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Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens is a veteran editor, analyst, and freelance journalist. He helmed CNET's automotive coverage for nine years and acted as Vice President of Content. Prior to that, Tim served as Editor-in-Chief at Engadget and even led a previous life as an Enterprise Software Architect. An avid cyclist and former racer, Tim can be found most mornings in the saddle, pedaling up hills near his home in Upstate New York, trying desperately to rediscover his former form.