'Plastic isn’t always the bad guy': Outdoor clothing brand Rab on tackling greenwashing within the cycling industry

An open 'Material Facts Programme' and honesty about the real impact of packaging are two ways in which Rab is hoping to make a difference

A brightly coloured doors of a wardrobe depicting animated scenes from the outside with one section open to reveal turquoise and black jackets
(Image credit: Rab / Jade Sellick)

The news that outdoor clothing expert Rab had made its first foray into cycling - with its Cinder gravel clothing line - may have struck you as just another brand launching just another range of kit into an arguably saturated market. But a trip to the UK headquarters in Derbyshire revealed some lofty intentions when it comes to improving sustainability in one of cycling’s most greenwashing heavy product groups.

Midlands based brand Rab doesn't shy away from its growth as a business - which has been significant globally - achieving its FY23 milestone of £100m turnover well before the year end. But the 40-year-old marque is adamant that it’s keeping its core sustainability values at front of mind. 

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