Public service announcement: the Aldi Special Buys workstand is back in stores

No, it's not the best workstand on the market - but it is very good value

Worskstand aldi specialbuys
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The Aldi "Special Buys" workstand is back in stock in stores, and we thought you might like to know about it.

The Bikemate Bike Assembly stand is already out of stock online, but having spotted one in an Aldi store, we thought we'd spread the word.

At £24.99, this is not - by any means - the best bike workstand on the market. However, the 'Bikemate', which occasionally appears in the centre isle of Aldi stores, is famous among cyclists because it costs a fraction of the price of most competitors. So much so, that there are many, many, many forum threads discussing its merits. 

Not all users are convinced this is a worthy investment, and if you like the best in quality, you should probably save your pennies, but those after a basic stand for light maintenance duties tend not to be disappointed. 

aldi workstand in use

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi's Special Buys don't tend to hang around long, and once they're gone, they're gone.

It's not just the workstand that's got a good rep, Special Buys occasionally include cheap cycling clothing as well as accessories. If you're on the hunt for a jersey, waterproof jacket, or lights, you may be in luck, as we spotted a few tasty offers in the centre isle, some of which are available online, too:

men's version

Cycling Rain Jacket - men's and women's - £14.99

Available in a men's fit (in yellow) or women's fit (blue), this rain jacket will set you back just £14.99. It's got elasticated cuffs to stop cold air travelling up your arms, and a high collar. The description says it's "wind and waterproof". With our extensive experience in cycling clothing, we would suggest that it's more likely to be water resistant meaning, it will keep the worst off. What we won't dispute is that this is a very good price. 

See the men's version

See the women's version 

best bike lights

Rechargeable Silicone Lights £7.99

These are simple blinker bike lights, designed to ensure that you are seen - they will not help you see on unlit roads, like the best bike lights. However, if you're after a set of simple blinkers, or a backup set of lights, these are a great buy. 

See them here

men's jersey here

Crane jersey - men's and women's - £9.99

Cycling jerseys can make riding more comfortable, when compared with donning a basic technical t-shirt, because they're cut to fit well on the bike, provide pockets for storing snacks and inner tubes, and can be partially unzipped if you get hot. This jersey is constructed from breathable, quick drying material and is a great entry into dedicated cycling clothing.

See the men's jersey here

See the women's jersey here

it here

Bike Essentials Accessory Pack £14.99

If you're just getting into cycling, it can seem like an expensive hobby. There's so much to buy! This essentials pack squeezes in loads of those early purchases: a pump, lock, lights, bottle and cage. We can't promise you won't want to upgrade some of this stuff, in time, however, it's an excellent first step.

See it here

it here

Crane Portrait Bike Phone Holder £4.99

Using your phone to navitage and want to keep it in view? Tracking your ride on Strava and keen to see the stats as you ride? This phone holder comes with velcro straps, so you can attach it to your top tube or stem, keeping your device in reach whilst also protecting it from rain in the event of a shower.

See it here

That's absolutely not all, there are more Special Buys cycling offers - so check out the Aldi Special Buys cycling pages online for more. 

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