Cycling Weekly December 17 issue

From the editor:

Christmas is often accompanied by a sense of relief at CW. This end of year double issue signals a bit of a break from our relentless weekly schedule, allowing us to draw a line drawn under the previous season as we start to plan and get excited about the next.

This year that feeling is tenfold. It’s not an exaggeration to say I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far. When everything stopped at the end of March it felt like the sport, the industry, the whole world in fact was asking; ‘what next?’.

But for cycling what next was something quite extraordinary. We won’t pretend there wasn’t hardship for many, and the sport suffered like all others, but cycling, the simple act of riding a bike, was for various reasons a saviour to millions.

Suddenly it was a means of escape, a safe mode of transport, a tonic to our struggles. The bicycle is a simple machine, but a perfect one. This year was proof of that. This week’s award issue is a celebration of how cycling helped us all through such a difficult year.

So here’s to the star riders and the local volunteers, the clubs and the fundraisers. Well done to everyone who made the most of what 2020 threw at them.

There is no magazine on sale next week (24 December) we’ll be back on Dec 31 with a pull-out 2021 calendar. So from all of us here at Cycling Weekly, a very merry Christmas.

Simon Richardson,
Cycling Weekly Magazine Editor

Inside the issue:

Pidcock just getting started as he beats van der Poel

UCI takes steps to tackle concussion

Le Col steps up backing for Drops

Maiden eSports world champions crowned

Jake Stewart: The golden age of British cycling isn’t over, it’s just starting

Cycling Weekly Awards

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E-Racer of the Year

2020 Rising Star

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Fundraiser of the Year  

Pictures of the YEar

Review of the Year

Tech: Winter gloves

Gear of the week

Healthy Festive Feast

Watt works for me

Dr Hutch

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