Scicon Phantom 230 saddle bag




  • Tough and durable
  • 230cc volume is enough for essentials
  • Easy to fix and remove


  • Risk of deforming clamp if tightly fixed
  • Stiff top limits shape of tools it can carry

Price as reviewed:


The most simplistic and minimal bags are always the best and the Scicon manages to slip into this bracket.

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Just screw the Roller System fixing clamp to the rails and the bag simply twists on to this. Removing it is just as simple.

There was one problem we found with the saddle fixing – had a tendency to move on the rails unless it was done up extremely tightly, to the point where it deformed the clamp.

With a volume of 230cc, there is enough room for all the essentials barring a mini pump, but the stiff top to the bag means that it is not always malleable to the shape of the tools that need to fit into it.

The silent zipper and Cordura DuPont material have proven to be durable, and the opening at the rear allows easy access to the tools. Its quick release from the saddle makes this even easier.


It's a good size and made of tough enough material, but it's not perfect. The saddle fixing didn't quite work as we expected it to and the stiff top made it difficult to stuff in irregular-shaped tools.