Prologo Winter Gloves review

The Prologo Winter Gloves have an innovative design, but can they do the simple things right?

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Prologo Winter gloves have a smart, innovative design, which is great for riding in wet weather, but when the temperature really starts to drop you'd benefit from winter gloves with extra insulation.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Innovative design

  • +

    Great wet weather grip

  • +

    Good protection against the rain

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Could be warmer

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The Prologo Winter Gloves are certainly unique. They don’t have the insulation of other more heavy duty options, instead giving extra warmth using a flap that is attached at the wrist, and can be pulled over your fingers for another layer of protection, converting the gloves into a lobster design.

Where the Prologo Winter Gloves really excel is in the wet. If you’re familiar with Prologo’s saddle range then you’ll recognize those tiny suckers that take up most of the palms.

prologo winter gloves palm grippers cpc

The CPC technology on the palm provides excellent grip especially in the wet

This is Prologo’s CPC technology, which when connected to your backside helps to stop your bum sliding around as you pedal, but when placed on the palms of a pair of gloves, gives simply exceptional grip. In wet conditions, grip is as good, if not better, than that offered by other gloves in the dry, meaning you can maintain full control whatever the weather.

Obviously it's important to team with one of the best winter cycling jackets too, for optimal cold weather comfort on a bike. 

When it comes to keeping you dry, the Prologo Winter gloves also do a fairly decent job. Despite being very thin, the flap used to convert these into lobster style gloves is impressively waterproof, and it needed at least a couple of hours of persistent rain for any water to get through.

The bad news is that, given the very high price that puts them close to the very top of the market, the Prologo Winter Gloves are a bit of a disappointment when ridden in really cold conditions.

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Down to about 5ºC you’ll be fine thanks to the relatively good windproofing, but below this and you’ll begin to struggle. This is mainly down to the lack of insulation, which might make them nice and comfortable, but means you struggle to maintain heat, even after warming yourself with a mid-ride cafe stop.

prolog winter gloves lobster gloves

The flap to give the gloves a lobster design is easily tucked into the cuff when not in use

Ok, so for extra warmth you could wear a pair of inner gloves underneath, but this is something I’d prefer to avoid unless absolutely necessary. So if you’re heading out in the real depths of winter then you’re really going to need some winter gloves with better insulation.

For more details visit the iRide website.

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