HJC Ibex helmet

The HJC Ibex helmet boasts aero features in a comfortably designed lid




  • Comfortable
  • Well padded
  • Aero features
  • Reflective elements
  • Three sizes


  • Short straps on the size XL/XXL helmet
  • No MIPS option

Price as reviewed:


HJC may not be a name which is well known in the cycling world, but the Korean brand has extensive experience in motorcycle helmets, which it’s now transposed to its new cycle helmet line that includes the HJC Ibex vented helmet.

With motorcycles usually going a bit faster than bicycles, the brand has the knowhow and facilities to wind tunnel test its products and the HJC Ibex has benefitted from this. HJC claims that it’s looked to hone the helmet’s ventilation and noise levels, as well as aerodynamics. It provides more details here. The design of the HJC Ibex features more pronounced longitudinal ribs and fewer, skinner lateral ribs and I found that airflow did seem to be channelled effectively over the head.

HJC Ibex

The longitudinal ribs are more pronounced than the cross ribs

The HJC Ibex is well built with an outer shell that wraps over the polystyrene body. It’s something that not all helmets boast, and helps protect the helmet from knocks and dents that can accumulate with use. There’s lots of X-Static antibacterial padding on the inside that extends around the sides and over the crown of the head. The rear cradle is padded too, for extra comfort.

HJC Ibex

Ibex helmet is well padded, although there’s no MIPS option

Many helmet makers are now offering a MIPS version of their helmets. The sliding MIPS inner liner is claimed to help absorb impact and protect the head in the event of a glancing impact. HJC hasn’t yet licensed MIPS though.

It may be a quirk of the largest helmet size, but I found that the straps were only just long enough to adjust around my chin, with only a few spare centimetres. If you’ve got an extra-large head, it may be something to bear in mind.

HJC does include other nice features, like a black reflective strip at the rear of the Ibex, while the gold paint is also reflective.

HJC has backed up its move into cycle helmets by sponsoring the Belgian Lotto-Soudal team this year and there’s a team replica design among the eight colour options available for the HJC Ibex. Weight-wise, the Ibex isn’t super-light at 272g for the largest size, although that’s reasonably competitive. There are XS/S and a M/L options as well.


The HJC Ibex is a nicely designed and finished vented helmet, with aero design features. It’s comfortable and well padded, although I found that the chin straps were on the short side.


Weight: 272g (size XL/XXL)
Contact: www.extrauk.co.uk