Frog lights




  • Visible up to 600 metres
  • Fits around bars or seatpost easily with no tools
  • Brings fun to bike light design
  • Choice of 12 different colours


  • They're only 'safety' lights

Price as reviewed:


The aptly named Frog Lights from the slightly leftfield company Knog are simply a safety LED but with the Knog touch.

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Bearing a passing similarity to real frogs when they are mounted to the bike, the flexible silicon body of the Knog Frog light is easy to fit. The stretchy hoop simply stretches around the bars or seatpost and hooks around a small tab.

The functional part of the light is also easy to slip in and out of the body to replace batteries, but so far they have run throughout the winter with no problems.

Getting to the most important part, brightness, the super-bright LEDs are just that, bright and with a solid or flashing mode they work a treat and without fault.

Coming in 12 colours, there should also be one to match or clash with your bike – whichever you prefer.


Knog Frog lights are easy to fit, long-lasting fun lights that look like frogs.