Moon XPower 780 front light

The Moon XPower 780 front light feels solid and comes with a range of settings




  • Solid build
  • Comes with a helmet mount
  • Varying brightness settings for different situations


  • Slightly heavier than similar lights

Price as reviewed:


  • The striking thing about the Moon XPower 780 front light is its reassuringly solid feel; it feels well made and should deal with winter well. The bracket continued this theme with the light sitting securely on the bars. It fits both wide and narrow bars and can be attached tool free.

    A helmet mount is also included, although you do notice the weight; at about 200 grams it’s just not as light as some. The 780 lumen setting gives a 100 degree round spread of light with a concentrated 19 degree spot in the middle.

    On full power it’s really too bright for commuting, but with four different brightness levels going down to 200 lumens there’s more than one to suit. If you’re using it as a secondary light, there are three flashing modes to choose from, although I found myself using only one. Of the other two, one strobed uncomfortably fast and the other was too slow.

    Riding down dark lanes with the light on full power there’s ample brightness and approaching junctions the wide beam gave me plenty of notice of anything in my path leading out of the corner.



    A strong light with a range of brightness and flashing settings


    Lumens : 780
    Minimum run time : 1.5 hours
    Modes : 7
    Charge time : 4 hours
    USB : Yes
    Tool free : Yes

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