Pedro’s L Hex Wrench Set review

It may not be sexy but it's effective. We test Pedro's allen key set.

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Pretty much every allen key you’ll ever need all in one handy package.

  • +

    Just about every size allen key needed

  • +

    Good leverage

  • +

    Holder keeps them together

  • +

    Ball-ends to allow use at an angle

  • +

  • -

    Not cheap

Most bikes nowadays feature a selection of allen key bolts, so a good set of home workshop allen keys is important to have available. They should be long enough to provide a decent handhold and leverage is important for the larger tools, as bolts on chainsets and pedals in particular can be quite tough to loosen. It’s also useful to have a round end to the keys so that you can tackle bolts which are awkward to reach from different angles.

A bit of self-discipline and the carrier will keep your allen keys together

A bit of self-discipline and the holder will keep your allen keys together

Pedro’s Hex Wrench Set satisfies all these requirements. It’s got nine allen keys sized from 1.5mm up to 10mm, including a 2.5mm, so it caters for pretty much any sized bolt which you are likely to encounter on a modern machine. The wrenches are made from steel alloy, so they’re robust too.

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The keys come in a plastic holder, so with a bit of self-discipline they shouldn’t end up scattered or lost in the toolbox or shed either. The holder has an in-built hanger if you want to hook it to your wall and it will rest on its side as well as flat, which makes it easier to see which wrench you are selecting.

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At 22cm and 20cm long respectively, the 10mm and 8mm allen keys provide plenty of leverage to tackle larger bolts, while even the finer keys are long enough to get a firm grasp of. All the keys down to 4mm have their size stamped on the shaft too, so you can select the right one for the job at hand.

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Ball ends help turn hard to reach bolts

Ball ends help turn hard to reach bolts

As a workshop toolset, the Pedro’s Hex Wrench set is hard to fault. Look after it and keep the tools together and it should keep your bike well fettled for years. But with torx heads increasingly making an appearance, you might need the corresponding L Torx Wrench set from Pedro’s too.