Woom Now Kids' Urban Bike

An urban specific cycling option that stands alone in the kids' bike market

Woom Now 6 Kids Bike
(Image credit: Josh Ross)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Woom has created a new category with the Now but despite having no competition, it’s also a great bike. What Woom has nailed with this design is an understanding of the age ranges it's made for. There's just enough weight capacity on the front rack and an easy-to-use integrated frame bag. It's easy to carry a backpack and a few items without piling the weight on small bodies. Then beyond that, it's the safety features, and geometry that sing. Disc brakes, integrated lights, fenders, and an upright seating position make the bike comfortable and controllable.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Disc brakes

  • +

    Generator hub and integrated lights

  • +


  • +

    Upright seating position

  • +

    integrated bell

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Quick release skewers

  • -

    Single sided kickstand

  • -

    Front rack requires tools

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The vast majority of kids bikes on the market use a style patterned after what you'd call a hybrid bike. The bars are flat and the seating position is upright but with enough forward lean to feel sporty. It's a popular style because it reflects a wide range of use situations and if you check out what we've included in our list of the best kids' bikes you'll see that style well represented. Among those options is the Woom 6 and while that bike is excellent, it's just one small piece of what Woom offers. 

In fact, one of the more interesting things about the Woom brand is that while they do offer hybrid style bikes like the Woom 6, they also offer bikes with a more specific focus. Woom makes bikes for passionate young riders who want to own something specifically designed for their riding style. That means there's hardtail mountain bikes like the Woom Off Air and there's even a kids electric bike called the Woom UP. Those are unique options but they aren't entirely alone in the marketplace. Woom is now offering a brand-new option that's both completely unique and widely needed. The Woom Now is a dedicated kids commuter bike

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Josh hails from the Pacific Northwest of the United States but would prefer riding through the desert than the rain. He will happily talk for hours about the minutia of cycling tech but also has an understanding that most people just want things to work. He is a road cyclist at heart and doesn't care much if those roads are paved, dirt, or digital. Although he rarely races, if you ask him to ride from sunrise to sunset the answer will be yes. 

Height: 5'9" Weight: 137 lb. 

Rides: Orbea Orca Aero, Cannondale Topstone Lefty, Cannondale CAAD9, Trek Checkpoint, Priority Continuum Onyx