Track sprint

Jason Kenny beats Matthew Glaetzer to take the sprint world title, Track World Championships 2016

Jason Kenny beats Matthew Glaetzer to take the sprint world title, Track World Championships 2016

The principle of the track sprint is clinically simple – two riders race off over three laps to see who is fastest.

In practice, the riders take part in what can seem a bizarre stalemate, watching each other carefully and waiting for the other to make the first move – until the sprint bursts into life in the closing stages.

The Olympics kick off with a 200m flying lap to establish qualifying times. The 18 fastest riders take part in the 1/16 finals, pairing off with the fastest against the slowest. Winners progress, while losers get the chance to compete in repechage rounds, until eventually eight riders remain for the best-of-three quarter finals.

The semi-finals decide who will compete in the gold medal final, and who will race off for bronze.

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Olympic schedule (UK times)
Women’s track sprint

Sunday 14 August
Qualifying: 8pm-8.38pm
1/16 finals: 9.12pm-9.40pm
1/16 final repechages: 10.51pm-11.29pm

Monday 15 August
1/8 finals: 2pm-2.19pm
1/8 final repechages: 2.50pm-2.57pm
Race for 9th to 12th places: 8.26pm-8.30pm

Tuesday 16 August
Quarter-finals race 1: 2pm-2.16pm
Quarter-finals race 2: 2.41pm-2.57pm
Quarter-finals race 3: 3.25pm-3.46pm
Race for 5th to 8th places: 3.46pm-3.50pm
Semi-finals race 1: 8pm-8.08pm
Semi-finals race 2: 8.36pm-8.44pm
Semi-finals race 3: 8.58pm-9.02pm
Finals race 1: 9.44pm-9.52pm
Finals race 2: 10.04pm-10.12pm
Finals race 3: 10.26pm – 10.30pm

Men’s track sprint
Friday 12 August
Qualification: 8.14pm-8.50pm
1/16 finals: 9.30pm-9.58pm
1/16 final repechages: 10.08pm-10.18pm

Saturday 13 August
1/8 finals: 2.23pm-2.42pm
1/8 repechages: 3.07pm-3.15pm
Quarter-finals race 1: 8pm-8.16pm
Race for 9th to 12th places: 8.18pm-8.22pm
Quarter-finals race 2: 8.34pm-8.50pm
Quarter-finals race 3: 9.21pm-9.25pm
Semi-finals race 1: 9.41pm-9.49pm
Semi-finals race 2: 9.59pm-10.07pm
Race for 5th to 8th places: 10.17pm-10.21pm
Semi-finals race 3: 10.21pm-10.25pm
Finals race 1: 9.04pm-9.12pm
Finals race 2: 9.42pm-9.40pm
Finals race 3: 10.47pm-10.51pm

Team GB: Becky James (women); Jason Kenny (men)