Watch: Driver completely loses it with cyclist (video)

Driver of red 4x4 is shown completely losing his temper at a cyclist at a junction, and it appears that he tries to hit him with his vehicle

The driver of a large SUV-type vehicle has been filmed completely losing his temper at a cyclist as the two of them pull up next to each other at a road junction.

The video was posted online by Jan Weissenberger, but it is unclear from the brief footage exactly what prompts the driver to see red.

A rear-facing Cycliq camera shows the vehicle joining the road from a side street on February 16 2017, location unknown.

The driver then follows the cyclist down the road, and winds down his window as he pulls up next to him at a junction.

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Words are exchanged, and the cyclist appears to lay his bike on the ground – but it is not clear what is being said as the soundtrack is muffled.

As the cyclist picks up his bike, the driver then appears to try and reverse into the cyclist, blasting on his horn.

Then the driver circles around the cyclist, winds down his window and unleashes a stream of abuse in an apparent rage.

The cyclist shouts out to him that he is on camera – several times over. The driver then continues his journey, electing not taking up the cyclist's invitation to "get out of the car".