Top three nutrition mistakes amateurs make (video)

Glenn Kearney from Etixx UK joined Cycling Weekly to discuss the top three nutrition mistakes amateurs make, and how to avoid them

Amateur or pro, getting your nutrition right when you’re cycling can be the difference between finishing a ride with a smile on your face or perhaps not finishing it at all.

Get it majorly wrong and you might find yourself phoning for a lift home or searching for the nearest train station.

Nutrition company Etixx are the lead sponsor of WorldTour men’s team Etixx-Quick Step, and thanks to their work with professional riders and nutritionists, they know a thing or two about fuelling a ride.

Glenn Kearney from Etixx UK came into the Cycling Weekly kitchen to discuss the three key areas where amateurs might make mistakes when it comes to cycling nutrition and gives tips on how to avoid these errors.

Even for more experienced riders, sometimes things can go awry when it comes to eating and drinking the right amount and with the correct regularity, so Kearney’s tips could prove useful for most cyclists.