More details have emerged about the British Cycling-backed Tour de France Grand Depart bid, which is aiming to bring the race back to these shores as early as 2014.

Stemming from Event Scotland’s desire to host the race predominantly north of the border, this submission would now take the race into Wales and spend at least two days in England.

Speaking during today’s Track World Cup meeting in Glasgow, BC’s Cycle Sport and Membership director Jonny Clay and Event Scotland’s Stuart Turner confirmed these details about the bid:

– It comprises four days, all of which will be road stages.

– Edinburgh would host the Grand Depart, with stage one ending in the south east of Scotland or in northern England.

– Day two would be an all England-stage, potentially ending in Manchester.

– Wales would welcome the Tour on day three, with Cardiff a possible finishing point. If the plan goes ahead as planned, the stage would be contained in the county.

– The route of the final British stage would be dependent on where the Tour recommences in France, although it is widely expected to be in the south of England.

Clay said that their plans would bring the Tour to within one-hour of 50% of Britain’s population.

A bid from Yorkshire to host the Tour during the same period has also been submitted to Tour organiser ASO. CW understands that this comprises four stages, three of which would be held in the area.

ASO are expected to announce their decision before spring next year.

See Thursday’s Cycling Weekly for more details.

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  • gg/gg

    The Fred Whitton Challenge; North Wales; The Tumble; Caerphilly mountain. Let’s add Sutton Bank?
    Isn’t the first few days of the Tour de France traditionally FLAT. You would have the sprinters going on strike; so why not a stage near Wiggo’s home near Southport, it’s pan flat.

  • JD

    I might start queuing for the Edinburgh depart now. That will be immense. Half a million will turn out rain or no rain.

  • borderfox

    would be great to see them use all or part of the Fred Whitton route as a stage or even climbing over Hartside the Pennines only Alpine climb

  • gg/gg

    I bet it doesn’t come into the wonderful hills of North Wales; the police have shut down road racing up here apart from time testing. Miserable B…………rdts!!!!! About time British Cycling had a word with them

  • Dan Sanderson

    Does that 1 hour mean by car or bike or what?

  • Sam1

    Roginoz, you get yourself on a plane and over here if it the bid wins! Being at the Tour in person is unbeatable. Come on, being able to watch it without having to prop your eyelids open with matches to watch the telly at stupid o’clock…:)

  • Mark Jones

    Clay said that their plans would bring the Tour to within one-hour of 50% of Britain’s population.

    Pity he can’t say the same about the apology that is the 2013 Premier Calendar. Didn’t seem that long ago that Clay was riding the domestic scene but he’s far removed now in the cushy comfortable British Cycling. Time for some new blood in the organisation or for another break away organisation as British Cycling do next to nothing for cyclists in Britain but take money.

  • roginoz

    Sounds too good to be true! I will have to start saving for a flight if it goes to Cardiff . It would go over Caerphilly Mt or The Tumble . Bwlch-Y-Groes would be amazing but poss too far away from Cardiff. Or I could stop here , sit close to my big telly and watch it LIVE and have great commentary from Keenan ,Tomolaris and The Tanman !

  • William Hirst


  • Simon Wix

    Nick – you are a journalist. You NEED to know that comprises can NEVER be followed by OF.
    So – ‘it consists of four days…’ or ‘it comprises four days….’, but NOT ‘it comprises OF four days…’.
    If you want to write ‘comprises of’, consider becoming an estate agent.