Euskaltel Euskadi will fold at the end of this season for want of a second sponsor.

The outfit has today confirmed the team, home to former Olympic champion Samuel Sanchez, will begin to close operations with riders free to neogtiate contracts elsewhere.

“Today is a sad day for Euskaltel, for the team for current sponsors, for the fans and to all who have supported this project. We regret that any company or entity has decided to bet on this team,” a press release read.

“The input of a second sponsor, essential to ensure the sustainability of the cycling team, has not been produced, making team continuity impractical from 2014.

“From this moment, Euskaltel will initiate an orderly shutdown.

“During these months we have worked actively to maintain multiple contacts with companies to try to ensure the survival of the team going forward. Despite the work and efforts made by Euskaltel, in the Basque region and internationally, none of the efforts have born fruit.”

Euskaltel has been a team sponsor since 1997 and has contributed more than 45 million euros within that time.

  • stuart stanton

    Yes Ken, bit like us supporting ‘Team Sky’ through our subscriptions eh? When I asked for a reduction, incredibly, I got it! They gave me free Broadband for a year I would chip in to keep Euskaltel going, keep hoping it is a model from which one day we will have a fully Welsh team operating

  • Ken Evans

    You would think all those cycling mad Basque fans would support their local team, just like football fans support their local club. Surely as a phone company Euskaltel could have some kind of cycling team donation payment scheme as part of their phone bill.

  • julian Barr

    Going to miss that dashing orange, brightening up the peloton. Sad news and especially as they have survived so long that this has now come to pass when the sport is probably at its most high profile, with potential growth never greater.

  • Alyn Byrne

    A sad day for Pro Cycling a great team such a shame to see them go.

  • Simon Wood

    Sad news!

  • gordon vail

    Can’t believe the best kitted out team will be gone E E. Although never outstanding they always added a bit of zest to any race that they take part in. Sad to see them go. S SANSHEZ was badly done by at the London Olympics,broken chain then a puncture. A true sport (not one based on TV time spots ) should have allowed a ‘re-start on the chain break. He would not have won but at least it would have been sporting, but then are sportsman ship and TV time slots compatible? I hope they find another sponsor just like Belkin. I hope I named the right rider in the time trial!