Team RadioShack has unveiled its racing strip, as modelled by team leader and seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

The new American ProTour team has elected to use the colours of its lead sponsor, the US-based electronics retailer RadioShack – red and grey. It is a classic and uncluttered design.

Present and correct are the names of bike sponsor Trek and, of course, the yellow band of Armstrong’s LiveStrong cancer foundation on the left sleeve. Also there is the logo of team vehicle provider, Nissan.

The team’s clothing is manufactured by long-term Armstrong sponsor, Nike.

“Still some tweaking to be done but here you go for now…” said Armstrong of the design via his Twitter feed.

The official team press release was slightly more gushing. “The experts at Nike and our partners at RadioShack helped to create this fast form-fitting design using various textures and patterns symbolizing the themes of new technology, global connectivity and community. We think it looks pretty damn cool,” it said.

The final version of the team’s kit will be used in the squad’s first competitive outing in January, at the Tour Down Under in Australia.

Lance Armstrong, Team RadioShack 2010

Lance Armstrong models the new RadioShack team kit. Photo: Team RadioShack

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  • Gavin Jenkins

    Don’t like the jersey, why is the R not in the middle of the circle? Looks like it was placed by somebody with one eye. The LIVESTRONG clothing is good though.

  • Sandra Parkes

    Lance would look good in anything. I do not admire too many people in my life but Lance is someone exceptional. I just got Livestrong tatooed on my arm as that means alot to my Life. If i had a wish in my life it would be to meet him one day. Kick butt Lance . Sandra

  • murphious

    I like the jersey, too bad it’s RS.
    Geeks have been cool for awhile, but even they don’t shop at Radio Shack anymore.
    Old people in Buicks shop there now…

  • Hairy Pete

    Looks like Robin from the original TV series! So who is wearing the Batman costume?

  • Matt Lamy

    Reminds me a bit of those special grey jerseys US Postal wore on the last day of the 2003 Tour – but then I have become a bit of a Lance-geek. (I only remember it because I think Postal got fined for wearing them.)

  • Ken Evans

    “…We think it looks pretty damn cool,” it said.

    I beg to differ.

  • Ross

    Leave it to the guys at Radio Shack to think it’s “pretty damn cool.” I mean really, have you shopped at Radio Shack? Sorry, not even Lance can help their image.

  • mella

    Le premier message s’est effacé mais il a imprégné ton âme.GINI

  • Mella

    Oui mon lance torp génial le maillot trop beau moncoeur!