Cycling connection was lost to waterfront developments, and cyclists say it is now a more dangerous route

Waterfront developments that meant a “major cycle connection was lost” are making cycling in Dundee dangerous, it has been claimed.

As part of the £1 billion transformation of the city’s waterfront alongside the River Tay, a designated cycling route on Trades Lane was ripped up to make way for the developments.

To compound matters for local cyclists, roadworks around the Tay Bridge and surrounding building site are making riding congested and potentially hazardous.

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“Some of my colleagues travel through the waterfront development and daily get very frustrated,” David Martin, chairman of Dundee and District Cycling Association says.

“If you think it is bad for cars, it is a lot worse for cyclists. Trying to find your way to or from the bridge and you’ll end up in heavy traffic.”

The first phase of the waterfront is scheduled to be complete in August 2015 with a final completion date set for two years after.

Officials do not dispute the impact of the removal of the Trades Lane route and other cycling problems related to the construction but stress that it is short term pain for long term gain.

“It is proposed to remove two sections of pay and display restriction to provide safe cycle contraflow against the main flow of traffic,” Mike Galloway, director of city development, told The Courier.

Mr Martin added: “There will be a good cycling route incorporated into the waterfront area, but it what is happening now that is concerning us.”

He suggests that enforcing 20mph speed limits in the town could help erase the problems all road users are currently encountering.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Cyclist are not the priority unfortunately, or in my view even considered, North Yorkshire Council have revamped a junction near to my house and I no longer use it, simply because I’ve almost been hit on at least 5 occasions, when I asked the council about it their response was… We have had no reports of any accidents so we will not consider changing it, so basically until somebody is hurt they are not interested, so much for health and safety, all they need to add was an ASL to a new set of lights, but they didn’t, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t add an ASL by default !

  • Steven Saunders

    Prime example of the lack of consideration was when they shut the section in front of the Apex during the commonwealth games. Made getting from the bridge heading to broughty ferry very tricky. Having to head back to the train station and timing it just right when the lights changed to get onto the road to come back in very busy traffic. Especially as there was no signage for an alternative route. The only other option was using the cobbles beside the unicorn … but they are dangerous to cycle over as they are incredibly greasy and two cyclists came off the first morning the road was closed. On contacting the council I got a response that gave the impression they couldn’t care less … which is part of the issue, they’re not cyclists so don’t see the issues from our perspective. They just see us a nuisance.

    I’d have to agree though, Dundee is generally a great place to cycle, and drivers for the most part are okay.

  • David

    Oh the chinese whispers of the modern media and lazy journalism. I had a fairly lengthy chat with the Evening Telegraph and a somewhat shorter one with the Courier. I didn’t use the word Dangerous, but difficult. The main problem at present is signage – my collegues travel through the waterfront daily, they don’t get frustrated daily, just when it was changing rapidly with little thought for cyclists. It is now pretty stable whilst the major road realignments are carried out but is still poorly signed.

    My main issue is the lack of consideration – Trades Lane (part of NCN1) was made one way about 3-4 years ago and only now are the council sorting it out.

    Dundee is generally a great place to cycle and is an excellent base for some superb roads and riding. Please come and visit.