Berkshire ambulance squeezes between cyclist and traffic island — and "it's absolutely unacceptable," says rider

Please note, this video contains swearing

A Berkshire ambulance came shockingly close to a collision with a cyclist on a narrow section of road — and the video footage will make you duck in your seat.

The ambulance skimmed close to Youtuber @GrumpyCyclistUK on his way to work after it appeared to pass him next to an island in the road without using any sirens.

@GrumpyCyclistUK told CW: “I have always worried about an island in the road which I have been close-passed in the past.

“I do my usual check behind me to see what’s coming, and I see nothing.”

The car in front pulled out of the way for the ambulance, but @GrumpyCyclistUK did not realise the ambulance was coming up behind him.

“Needless to say, it did scare me a bit.

“I see a car in front of me indicating to turn left, which doesn’t strike me as odd as just after the island is a left turn. As I get closer to the island I see that the car hasn’t turned but has pulled over. Maybe they have an issue with the car.

“To pass a cyclist through an island which is already a tight space with an ambulance flying by at high speed is absolutely unacceptable,” @GrumpyCyclistUK said.

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  • Peter

    The speed that ambulance was travelling, he would need the neck of an owl to see so far back down the road!

  • Peter

    He should have moved away from the kerb to prevent a close pass between the kerb and the island you mean? Unless he knew there was a fast moving ambulance on a 999 call. Which he didn’t. Looking at the footage I don’t think he could have got any closer to the kerb!

  • Josh Tambini


  • dazzw

    Even with no siren, he should have seen the ambulance when he glanced round twice (on a straight road and with the blue lights flashing). He also should have pulled over knowing there was an island there

  • Gordon O’Donnell

    Get some mirrors and use them.