Man filmed pushing a female cyclist over into a busy road in London has handed himself in to police

A man who was filmed by a female cyclist pushing her into the path of oncoming traffic in Whitechapel, London, has handed himself in to police.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed on Tuesday evening that a 33-year-old man had voluntarily appeared at Bethnal Green police station at around 1.30pm on Tuesday and identified himself as the man in the video.

The video, shot via a helmet-mounted camera, shows the cyclist riding past the man as he is crossing the road. She tells him: “please don’t try and knock me off”.

Police want to trace a man who assaulted a cyclist in Whitechapel in May

Police wanted to trace a man who assaulted a cyclist in Whitechapel in May – he has now handed himself in

The man subsequently chases after her down the road, swearing and accusing her of ‘putting her finger up’ at him. He then pushes her over into the lane of traffic.

Although the incident took place on Friday, May 1, police only released the video on Tuesday (August 25) morning in an attempt to trace the assailant. The video soon went viral on social media, prompting the man to hand himself in. Police confirmed that he was not arrested, but will be interviewed in relation to the case.

Although shaken by the incident, the cyclist was reported to have suffered no serious injury.

  • fanoboss12

    You Racist F@%K

  • Cos the report was bout im attacking a female.
    Next case!

  • Ray Ashby

    “He evidently hates females….” …………eeeer, so what in the video makes you think he don’t hate men too; gays; blacks; sweaties; wops; spicks; martians……

  • Ray Ashby

    And make it so he has to give a bakky to a fat lass on every ride too

  • Ray Ashby

    U jokin me right ?? Dutch are almost as bad drivers as Belgians.

  • Ray Ashby

    His brief will get him off on the grounds that he’s had soooooo much media interest he’d never get a fair jury trial. Old Bill know he’s only got to keep re-appealing to get a jury trial…………..?

  • Ray Ashby

    I blame Red Bull

  • “Police confirmed that he was not arrested, but will be interviewed in relation to the case.”
    So the miscreant got away with the dirty deed, but not the publicity!

    He evidently hates females, so watch out ladies!

  • resu

    I personally don’t think there is a war either, but the media (as @disqus_IT9mK8Y143:disqus points out) are sensationalising any altercation involving cyclists and making articles that are very ‘us and them’, which builds the tension between all parties.

  • FPCyclist

    Make it a big fatty-tire steel framed bike at that. Single speed.

  • FPCyclist

    Sentence him to commuting by bike for six months. Tee hee.

  • Neilo

    I don’t think there is a ‘war’ between cyclists and everyone else. There are just people, some on foot, some in motor vehicles and some on bikes, who at times behave antisocially.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    If/when a judge is the subject of a similar occurrence, you can bet the judicial system will very quickly toughen up on sentencing – or am I just being cynical?

  • RobTM

    But scientific research has shown even capitol punishment is NOT a deterrent, the expectation of being caught is. Also “minor and community service” with cautions may be given in place of gaol time in assaults not involving cyclists.
    Cooling things, is against media interests who won’t let facts get in way of good stories, so seek to sensationalise.
    Somehow, a message of giving space and room on roads, and cyclists need to respect peds (and each other to), avoiding startling fast close passes.
    Unfortunately traffic levels in cities are so high, with noisy impersonal traffic rushing around fighting for road space, that all tend to be stressed, drivers, cyclists and peds, leading to unwise decisions. I suspect things are much calmer in Holland.

  • resu

    I can’t see this going any further unless they make an example out of him. To be honest I think they should.

    As the ‘war’ between cyclists and everyone else seems to be hotting up (at least by the amount of articles that seem to be being published) there needs to be a united position held by the justice system that assault, intimidation etc towards cyclists is just as bad as it would be if it was towards anyone else.

    Currently that doesn’t seem to be happening. minor fines and community service etc aren’t a deterrent, just an inconvenience.

  • The Awakening


    Perhaps, because the angry man voluntarily gave himself up and came forward to Police? He may have had a Solicitor present with him as well.

    The fact that Police are going to question him, his picture has been posted every where and eventually he will be identified, will be an embarrassing experience.

    Who knows what will come next? We shall see.

  • eminusx

    Will be following this closely to see if he walks away with a slap on the rest for ‘saying sorry’. Sorry simply doesn’t cut it in these situations, if people aren’t suitably punished for resorting to potentially life threatening acts of violence then what the hell is the law for?

  • ben

    Why was he not arrested?

  • Arezzo

    I sure would have loved to be there.