Darren Hall, 20, became the first cyclist for many years to be jailed in the UK when he was sentenced to seven months for killing a pedestrian.

At Dorchester Crown Court last week, Hall admitted “wanton and furious driving causing bodily harm”.

Hall had jumped a red light at speed in Weymouth, mounted the pavement, and collided with 84-year-old Ronald Turner who was bowled over and suffered serious head injuries.

After the court case, Mr Turner’s daughter, Gillian Muhl, said Hall was riding “like a bat out of hell’. Her father stood no chance of avoiding the collision.

A spokesman for the CTC, the national cyclists organisation, said: “Darren Hall has committed a very dangerous and irresponsible act and has been sentenced accordingly. We’d expect to see the same thing if it was a driver of a motor vehicle who acted this way.”

On average, three pedestrians are killed in collisions with cyclists in Britain each year and 10 per cent of collisions take place on pavements.

By contrast, some 40 pedestrians are killed each year by motorists on footways or verges, the CTC said.

Two years ago, cyclist Peter Messen escaped a custodial sentence when he was given 300 hours of community service as punishment for killing a pedestrian while riding at 25mph on the pavement!

  • tim Barry

    7 months? what a joke. Cyclists often act like the rules don’t apply to them, but are very quick to make a fuss when they themselves are wronged. Until this hypocrisy is sorted, cycling in the UK is going to face an uphill struggle to achieve the respect it craves.

  • Adam

    Are there any precedents for accidents on bike paths? In the UK, where the path is often half the pavement and there is little idea of who should be where, an accident seems to be pretty likely. And then the issue of cyclists not riding on the paths provided (as was the case when my brother, a cyclist, was killed back in 1992 whilst riding on the road) because they are going too fast would be a tricky one…. Can a speed limit be applied to a bike path?