One cyclist gives Boris Johnson a lovely send-off on his final day as Mayor of London after the Conservative MP opened a cycle superhighway

With just hours left on his reign as Mayor of London, Boris Johnson officially opened a part of the controversial cycle superhighway, but not all riders were complimentary about his work.

Mr Johnson has been hailed as London’s most forward-thinking Mayor when it comes to cycling, but the Conservative MP revealed a rider called him a “prick” on Friday morning.

“I’ve just come from opening the latest cycle superhighway. There were hundreds of cyclists who were really enthusiastic and going ‘Three cheers’ and all this sort of stuff, and the cameras were running,” he told LBC radio station.

“Then this cyclist came up, I was doing my final bit to camera about how proud I was, and this cyclist came past and went ‘Prick’.”

Despite being the Mayor who brought segregated cycle lanes to the capital, Mr Johnson has proved a divisive figure in London, with one rider giving the politician a one-fingered salute as he cycled past.

Labour’s Sadiq Khan is favourite to replace Mr Johnson as Mayor, with votes being counted throughout the day on Friday. Mr Khan is expected to defeat Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith to take his place at City Hall.


  • David Bassett

    The longer I ride a bike the more surprised I am from other so called cyclists, you sir I could not call a cyclist. Maybe you were stood next to Boris Johnson when the guy with a squint rode past.

  • SonOfaGun

    Whatever you think of their policies and ideology, politicians stand for election and represent hundreds of thousands of people, and they and their voters deserve respect.

  • Namothy

    Indeed. How classy was Boris when calling black people “picaninnys”, or the irredeemably prickish attempt at trying to use the word “Kenyan” (somehow) as a derogative, or any of the other long list of characteristically prickish things he has done while pretending to be the laughing clown of politics.

  • Peter Murray

    I was there when the cyclist said that. It was a bizarre comment from someone who had just enjoyed cycling along the best bit of new infrastructure the capital has got – the stage of cycle super highway from Westminster to the City. Let’s hope Sadik Khan does as he promised and continues Boris’s programme of segregation on major routes. The ex mayor and Andrew Gilligan pushed this through in the face of major opposition from other road users and corporate interests. They deserve our congratulations.

  • Jon McWood

    I think he just vocalised what everyone else was thinking!

  • ian franklin

    How classy. Going around insulting people in that way. I wonder what gutter he crawled out of.

  • Stevo

    Peacock? Pogo stick?

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Well said that man!

    Just wait until Trump comes here…. now that particular p***k isn’t only a buffoon, he’s downright scarey.