Following two 'serious incidents' in junior races, Cycling Ireland warns young cyclists not to take caffeinated supplements

Cycling Ireland is advising against young cyclists taking caffeinated substances after two junior riders fell ill after ingesting them at a race in Cork last weekend.

The Irish Independent reports that the competitors, aged 14 and 16, fell ill after the race and one required hospital treatment.

“Caffeine is widely used by the majority of the adult population in various foods and drinks, along with being available in a wide range of sports gels, drinks, powders and in over the counter tablets or capsules,” a statement on the CI website said.

“While it can be effective in enhancing sports performance in trained athletes at moderate doses, ‘Caffeine Supplementation should not be used as an ergogenic aid in athletes under the age of 18’ according to the Institute of Sport.”

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It continued: “While there are a range of performance benefits for adult athletes across many sports in caffeine consumption, there are very serious concerns that are particularly relevant in relation to younger athletes, such as an increased heart rate, an alteration of fine motor control and over-arousal which can have a negative impact on race preparation, recovery and sleep.”

Cycling Ireland also called on race promoters not to offer caffeine supplements to be offered as prizes in junior races.

  • Yes. It was a shameful episode. I have stood up time and again against injustice. I am doing so now with the blatant cheating that goes on within Asian cycling which the UCI are turning a blind eye to.

  • The Awakening

    ian franklin,

    “Drinking tea in a cycling event, is not doping.”

    That is a quote from Professor Arnold Beckett.

    It is known that you attempted via the CD/RTTC to make available to cycling coaches and Cycling Clubs throughout Britain, the circumstances of the TOTAL lack justice involved when a British rider was ‘hauled up’, before a Kangaroo Court after riding a 24 hour time trial.

    The only way the Kangeroo Court found the British rider guilty, was to misquote a plea of guilt, when non had been given.

    How do those who took part in a Kangeroo Court and the supporters of the Kangeroo Court and those who justify the disgraceful actions of the Kangeroo Court, sleep at night? How do they sleep at night?

    I read the literature that you sent out Ian many years ago. Take heart from the fact that you tried to help, in both time and money.

    It took many years for the events of Hillsborough to come out and show that the authorities had lied…

  • Michael

    Yeah, this new-fangled “tea” from the Tang dynasty. It’s so 610AD!

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    My kids are not allowed caffeine or any of these modern day fancy do-dahs at all. Win or the whip is our family motto.

  • ummm…

    lol and you totally missed mine! ask YOUR guardian, SON!

  • Michael

    Ask your parent or guardian to explain the joke to you

  • ummm…

    no i believe that it is related to his propensity at being the first to finish…eh? pretty good right?

  • Chris

    All contributes to the aero position.

  • ian franklin

    A British rider was once stupidly sanctioned for caffeine which came from tea which was supplied by the CTT organisers of a 12-hour time trial.

  • Rich Wake

    So you’re going to ban riders from having their morning coffee or pot of tea?

  • Michael

    Over arousal? Was he trying to get into pole position?

  • Marlin

    There is no need for caffeine in the sport, full stop.