Maggie Scorer, grandmother of eight, is towing her dog Oscar around the entire coastline of Britain to raise money for charity

A grandmother is a fifth of her way through her quest to cycle Britain’s coastline – with her dog in tow.

Maggie Scorer is riding the perimeter of the UK’s roads in the hope of raising £25,000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and neonatal death charity Sands.

But she didn’t want to complete the epic challenge by leaving Oscar, her seven-year-old golden retriever, back at home in Suffolk.

So Scorer, who has eight grandchildren, is cycling between 6am and 3pm every day with her beloved dog behind her.

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“I wasn’t prepared to leave behind my dog so I thought that going by bicycle was the way to go,” she told The Press and Journal.

The pair have reached Aberdeen, 1000 miles from their starting point as they head west across the coast of Scotland and then south along the west coast and into the English border.

Scorer bemoaned the “relentless wind and of course the hills in Scotland aren’t too forgiving” but her overall enjoyment is matched by Oscar’s feelings. “Oscar loves it,” she said. “He just likes to sit in the back, look around, take it all in, and have a little bit of a snooze.”

You can follow Scorer and Oscar’s progress via their Twitter account and via the website.

  • Rick

    Why are the number of grand children relevant to this story? Sounds as if you’re trying to make her an old hag. She’s only 65 for Gawd’s sake.

  • huhu

    She has eight grandchildren? Remarkable. Thanks for the headline! What are their names? Marvellous. Did you do a story about that 102 year old french guy doing the distance record? Any mention of his grandkids, or do you only frame females in that way?