Surely we're past this by now...

Halfords has stirred up controversy by describing a women’s hybrid bike as great for “cycling to Auntie Doris’s”.

The advert for the Carrera Crossfire 1 hybrid says: “Do you ever feel like cycling to Auntie Doris’s along the road, but cycling home via that bumpy shortcut? Well, on the Carrera Crossfire 1 Women’s Hybrid Bike 2015, that’s no problem!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 13.59.37

The full text of the Carrera Crossfire 1 Women’s Hybrid bike

The cycling retailer has been branded as sexist by social media commentators as the description for the men’s version of the bike simply reads: “The Carrera Crossfire 1 Men’s Hybrid Bike 2015 is great whether you’re biking on tarmac or trail riding.”

The women’s bike is also described as “ideal for those who like to mix it up a bit” while the men’s bike apparently “allows you to breeze right by for hours of biking bliss.”

This is not the first time that bike descriptions have stirred up controversy after mountain bike brand Superior claimed women “do not generally need to push their limits.”

In response to the accusations, Halfords told Cycling Weekly: “We have changed the product description and this will go live first thing tomorrow morning. We have listened to the feedback and said good-bye to Auntie Doris.”

The original product description didn’t go down too well on social media. Here are some of the best reactions:

1. Katharine was the first to spot the blunder and she immediately attacked Halfords with this scathing tweet.

2. Charlie Brown chucks in a few more gender stereotypes for good measure

3. A pretty damning assessment from engineer Holly

4. Looks like Halfords won’t be getting any more of Jay Goulden’s business

5. Chris still thinks Halfords is stuck in the time of the Suffragettes


  • Alan59

    I disagree , it’s better for cycling to Uncle George’s .

  • ridein

    What exactly is wrong with seeing Aunt Doris? At face value I don’t see/hear/smell any sexism. Is there some type of underlying double entendre by “seeing Aunt Doris” in some cultures?

  • Steve Wilde

    Wow great idea the bag snatching bit.?? then spoilt with a sexist remark about old Grannies. lol.

  • Riggah

    Nothing to see here, just the usual Twitts looking for things to be outraged about.
    “Surely we’re past this by now?” Yes, you should be past reporting on frivolous moans from perpetual whingers.

  • feminists these days…. Moan Moan bloody Moan

  • Michael

    Why is “Katherine” looking on Halfords site in the first place? Isn’t her brain big enough to know they are rubbish? Someone tell her husband or brother the URL for wiggle. Tell her it’s like buying shoes from Tesco.

  • ummm…

    pathetic. a small group of vocal women and naive men are making a fool of themselves, and bringing unnecessary negative attention to woman of all ideological pedigree. sometimes we want women and men to be identical, sometimes we want women and men to embrace differences. So there are a couple of over sensitive intellectual midgets on twitter and of course cyclingweekly being the rag they are has to run the story. “Surely we’re past this now….” Utter drivel. It shows the closed, simple minded wait-to-be-offended world that you m0r0ns live in. I am a biracial person that has always been a liberal/progressive, does not follow religion, have had only a few of long term relationships with lovely women into my 30s, surrounded by educated professsional women in my family, is out earned by my fiance and may one day be house dad. All of these things prove how NOT conservative I am. How I’m naturally an empathetic person that looks at ideas and not social or physical markers. THIS IS AN INSULTING ARTICLE. THIS HAS NO VALUE. THIS SERVES TO DAMAGE THE HARD WORK THAT FEMINISM DID DO. 3rd wave feminism and their hetero lap boys are pathetic. so are you cycling weekly.

  • Chris

    It’s the same old bunch of frustrated female time wasters. Would it been sexist if you were cycling to Uncle Derek’s? Get rid of your inferiority complexes. Get off your female specific bikes, you’re making targets of yourselves.

  • TurWAATchers Legacy

    The twitterati out in force there. Halford’s are just being realistic about the bike. It’s about all this bike is cut out to do. Just like the blokes one is perfect for riding to the battle cruiser or stealing snatching bags off old grannies!

  • ReturnOfTheWazz

    I’m surprised they didn’t put a shopping basket on the front. Arrrhhhh yeeeaahhhhhh….

  • Texas Roadhouse

    For goodness sake people, get a life!