Mountain bikers have moved away from front derailleurs, but could the death of the humble front mech happen in some aspects of road cycling too? Plus more of the best cycling videos from around the internet

SRAM are announcing the end of the front derailleur in mountain biking. The 1x drivetrains on offer from several manufacturers coupled with the range of gears on offer from an 11 speed cassette have rendered the front mech obsolete.

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With SRAM now offering a 1x option for road bikes – seen in crits and triathlons – this raises the question of whether front mechs will be phased out in all but the hilliest stages of big races.

The demands in a road race are obviously very different to those in a mountain bike race, but for events like the Cobbled Classics, and in particular the releatively flat parcours of Paris-Roubaix, there must surely be scope for removing the front mech.

Michal Kwiatkowski’s Poggio descent

Former world champion Michal Kwiatkowski fancied his chances of victory at last weekend’s Milan-San Remo with this downhill attack on the descent of the Poggio. Watch his crouch and pedal technique.

According to his Strava activity, the Team Sky rider hit 66km/h on the way down, and averaged 54.7km/h for the 3km segment.

It wasn’t enough though, and the race ended in a sprint which was won by Arnaud Démare.

Bike football

This video isn’t new, but has found a new audience on YouTube this week, and it’s definitely worth a look. The bike handling skills are incredible.

Mini-flipping around the world

I dread to think what this rider’s carbob footprint was for the trip, but he takes on a challenge and beats it.

Watch how Brett Rheeder takes his little ramp and his bike on a mini-flipping world tour. Also note how much the ramp moves when he launches from it.

Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2015: WorldTour riders left wanting

The 2016 Dwars Door Vlaanderen takes place today, Wednesday March 23. Last year’s race proved one of the most entertaining of the Classics season, and it was great to see a smaller team come out on top, so here’s a look back the 2015 highlights.

Conquer Sa Calobra

In this Cycling Weekly video we show you how to climb the iconic Mallorcan climb of Sa Calobra, and ascent that has been referred to as cycling’s perfect climb. What do you think?

  • SEN 5241

    More importantly, is this the front of the end dérailleur?

  • Jay

    SRAM’s product R&D team should all be sacked. How could you call reducing the number of gears be considered ‘new technology’? They are messing with a system they didn’t really need more tinkering but rather than try to improve the front mech design, they thought “hell with the front mech, why don’t we get rid of it altogether and convince the market we only need 12 gears”. I believe long long time ago, we started off with single chain rings up until a real brilliant inventor came up with the design of the front derailleur.

    SRAM is doing nothing but taking away technology. They are going backwards.

  • Stevo

    So it would seem. Next SRAM will invent non-indexed down-tube gear levers.

  • llos25

    I started racing in the early 1960s I had a moyne 4 speed screw on block and a 42 – 54 campag front and managed then to climb any hills in Yorkshire like most people Its a bit different now but I still have a 53 – 39 front but a 27 rear.

  • Bob Franklin

    So my old Claude Butler (5 speed) with no front mech is at the forefront of modern technology.

  • Cat5krusher

    Yup just keep making more bikes that we’re supposed to get and jump through their hoops.Looks like the bike industry took a page from the tech companies on built in obsolescence. Amazing how every year a new model of the same bike gets 12% stiffer and more vertically compliant. F.U. we’re not all doctors and lawyers that can afford this b.s.Ill ride my 30 year old steel handmade bike and beat you up the hills and sprints.

  • Hrappur Magnússon

    I’d like to see the writer (or anyone for that matter) get up the Koppenberg on a 52 front mech or any of the bergs on the cobbled classics!