Banned former US Postal manager Johan Bruyneel chats with former UCI president Pat McQuaid in track centre during Bradley Wiggins's Hour Record

Former US Postal team manager Johan Bruyneel has hit back at those who have criticised his presence at Bradley Wiggins’s UCI Hour Record attempt on Sunday at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London.

Bruyneel, who resides in the British capital, was photographed in the track centre talking with former UCI president Pat McQuaid as he watched Wiggins’s successful attempt at the Hour Record.

For some observers, Bruyneel’s attendance at the event left a sour taste: the Belgian is serving a 10-year ban from being involved in professional cycling after his part in the US Postal cycling team doping scandal that saw Lance Armstrong stripped of seven Tour de France victories and banned for life.

McQuaid, too, is viewed by many as a controversial figure for his tenure as UCI president during a doping-troubled period of the sport.

Pat McQuaid at Bradley Wiggins's Hour Record

Pat McQuaid (right) at Bradley Wiggins’s Hour Record

Many assumed that Bruyneel had been invited to the VIP area of the event – but Bruyneel says that he bought tickets, and has posted a succession of replies via Twitter to those that have questioned his appearance, telling them to “#GetOverIt”.

“For the record, I bought my tickets. Do you want to prohibit me from buying tickets and go see a sporting event?” said Bruyneel.

Despite Armstrong being stripped of the Tour titles, Bruyneel still displays the message ‘9x Tour de France winning sports director’ on his Twitter page and personal website.

  • Charles Homme

    You really need to track Wiggins comments on Armstrong throughout his career. Wiggins only slammed Lance when he had won the Tour. Prior to that he was a fan. Everyone knew Armstrong was using PEDs.

  • gerry

    Anquetil said it all in the 60s – get real everyone’s been guilty about the drug issue – including the fans who thirst (perhaps a little too much) too see great performances

  • Charles Homme

    Then Bradley might want to reconsider what he says.

  • Roger

    I’m not explaining anything. It doesn’t interest me. However, your assertion that “even Wiggins thinks Armstrong was a great rider” is incorrect.

    Also, if you cheat, get caught and then are penalised, you have only yourself to blame. What others have done is beside the point.

  • Charles Homme

    I trust the reporters opinion of the comment but frankly its irrelevant to the point that I was making that pro cycling is saturated with peds and a lot of famous riders think Armstrong and company were scapegoated and should have his Tour titles reinstated. Please explain why Riis kept his Tour title? Or Pantani? Or Delgado? Or Fignon? Etc.

  • Roger

    And how would you know whether he was being ironic or not?

  • Charles Homme

    And you missed the part when Wiggins said that even the great Lance Armstrong hadn’t conquered the hour, without a hint of irony.

  • Roger

    Yeah right. You presumably didn’t read the interview in the Independent the year before last in which Wiggins called him a “lying b******” and a “f****** a******”. And you no doubt missed Wiggins a few months earlier saying: “When you get older you start to realise Father Christmas doesn’t exist and it is the same with Lance Armstrong.”

  • elan

    If we had to stop all the ex dopers and cycling managers attending cycling events there would be a cheap tickets going to try and fill empty seats.I think Armstrong should have attempted the hour,if you think you can take some drugs and be a pro cyclist,your kidding yourself.And the Brits are not immune to this sport.

  • Kevino Daviessss

    Be grown up about this, whether we like it or not at least 75% of grand tour winners have failed drug tests over the past ten years! Until everyone gets a lifetime ban then I can’t see why, john lance, Alberto or anyone else should be treated different! Our great Dave Millar failed and was welcomed back, one strike and a life ban I would love to see in cycling and Athletics, until rules change unfortunately these guys are no different from the next in cycling circles?

  • ian franklin

    Not good to see these cheats in the track centre. If I was them I’d be ashamed to show my face. Have they no pride? It seems to me the current president of the UCI is going the same way as his predecessor by ignoring fundamental breaches of the UCI Constitution by one of it’s national federation members………………..

  • Charles Homme

    As is anyone in pro cycling. Or do you think Armstrong and company were the corrupting element? Even Wiggins thinks Armstrong was a great rider (as does Indurain).

  • dourscot

    A vacuous charlatan.

  • John Reekie

    Technically he did win 9 tour de frances as a team manager. However in all of them he is proven to have cheated. As a famous sailor Paul Elstrom said, “If in winning you have lost the respect of your competitors you have not really one”.

  • Josh Tambini

    How did he get in to the track centre then?