Armstrong helps gambler Dan Bilzerian get ready for 278-mile, 48-hour bike ride

Lance Armstrong has volunteered to help American professional gambler and self-styled playboy Dan Bilzerian to prepare for a 278-mile cycle ride in order for him to win a bet.

Bilzerian has entered a wager of $600,000 with hedge fund manager Bill Perkins that he can cycle from his home in Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a 48-hour period, 139 miles per day.

Former pro Armstrong, currently serving a life ban from cycling due to doping, joined Bilzerian for some training rides to help him get ready for the long-distance ride.

Along the way, Bilzerian showed Armstrong around his home and the two had time to stop off in the desert and fire some of Bilzerian’s vast collection of guns.


According to Bilzerian – who is known as much for his brushes with the law and lewd photos on Instagram as he is for his gambling success – it’s the first time that he has ridden a bike in 18 years.

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Bilzerian has until May 31, 2016 to undertake the ride.

Reportedly, when Perkins heard that Armstrong had got involved he offered the Texan a wager of $200,000 if he could do the same ride in 15 hours. Apparently, Armstrong has not yet replied.

  • Samuel Clemens

    The dreaded GH Gut – yes, kids, there is no effect without side effect!

  • J1

    What’s this Bilzerian guys deal? I see him every so often but never care to look into him further. From what I’ve heard he seems like a bit of a d**k.

    I guess he’ll be doing this challenge enhanced anyway now.

  • Stevo

    Luxurious endeavour? Set out early in the morning with enough food, drink and cash for a day on the road. Home again before midnight. Lack of time and money seems a very lame excuse for not doing it.

  • David Bassett

    If no one cars who are the four guys that have posted their comments, it is not for you to tell people what to post, if you think that strongly about it why are you reading this article.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Let this be a lesson to everybody. Live a life of cheating, brash bullying, and boasting, and you’ll end up having to ride a bike with Lance Armstrong.

  • LaszloZoltan

    278 mi in 15 hrs sounds like a fun, worthy challenge, at least the prevailing winds should be from the back,with just a bit of climbing it seems. I wish I had the time and money to indulge in such a luxurious endeavor.

  • ummm…

    it could also be that he isn’t competing and his body is used to a different sort of metabolism.

  • ummm…

    i dunno. looks like the badger and most ex pros have something to account for.

  • MD

    More likely you are seeing oversized internal organ growth due to HGH abuse. Pretty common in bodybuilders as well…

  • ummm…

    for sure. i bet he could when he won the tours as well! anyway, neither here nor there.

  • So what, nobody cares, stop posting stuff about this egotistical cheat.

  • Namothy

    If you follow him on Strava, he puts in exceptional efforts on foot and when he occasionally gets on the bike, he’s no slouch. Fat? Absolutely not. He recently won trail races in California and continues to enter Triathlons around the world.

  • I bet he could still put in some good times even out of shape (with or without any chemical help)

  • ummm…

    damn lance is getting fat, by lycra standards. To be fair, im carrying a similar amount of weight. I’m really starting to like this guy. UCI has achieved the impossible. I used to go to bed in fits of anger thinking about him lol, I used to annoy my gf over a nice dinner out about LA. Now, he looks like a breath of fresh air.