Ben Foster looks uncannily like Lance Armstrong as the latest trailer for The Program reveals more of the film's content

The latest trailer for the forthcoming Lance Armstrong film, The Program, has landed.

The dramatised account of Armstrong’s life stars Ben Foster as the Texan, and not only charts his rise to the elevated status of seven-time Tour de France winner, but also the battle by journalist David Walsh in publishing the truth behind Armstrong’s success – a comprehensive programme of doping.

A host of stars appear in the film, including Chris O’Dowd as Walsh, on whose book, Seven Deadly Sins, the film is based.

Jesse Plemons plays Armstrong’s former US Postal team-mate turned whistleblower Floyd Landis, Guillaume Canet stars as Dr Michele Ferrari, Lee Pace appears as team boss Bill Stapleton and Dustin Hoffman has a cameo role.

The long-awaited film has The Queen and Philomena director Stephen Frears at the helm.

The film’s creators went to some length to give the film authenticity in its locations, bikes and clothing. Condor Cycles in London was commissioned to recreate the bikes of US Postal, T-Mobile and other teams of the Armstrong era.

Foster also recently revealed that he himself took performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for the role, although he would not reveal which ones.

The Program is officially released on October 16 and has already attracted strong reviews, and the talk is of Foster giving an Oscar-worthy performance as Armstrong.

  • SeanMcCuen

    ‘Gene, I’m going to give this a thumbs down, as the actors look like cubicle warriors…’

  • SeanMcCuen


  • skilguy

    ah sure who cares about the story Im just delighted to see the jerseys and the 90s bikes on the big screen!

  • AmIJustAPessimistOrWhat?

    All that was done was to cut off the head of the weed, hold it up and say “the weed is dead!”, while the roots were left.

  • Stevo

    Wrong. It’s my opinion too. You might like that stuff, but many, many people find it boring and irrelevant.

  • J1

    I like the irony of the people saying “stop giving Lance exposure” etc. and then proceed to talk about him, making it the top read/discussed story on here and getting him more Google hits in the process.

    Oh damn, I’m part of the problem now!

  • J1

    Other sports are miles behind in terms of trying to cut out doping, yet cycling always gets the worst press. As you say, NFL is full of it, it’s also up there with the most boring sport going, I find it funny they think football (proper) is boring, seriously? In AF they move 10 yards and then have a parade about it.

  • Spartacus

    People I just say to you, don’t worry about who is doped and who is not, you’ll never know about that until years after, riders may cheat and other just take drugs that are permited and then in few years those are iligal, so they go back and bann those riders, why? because they discover it gives benefits. So just watch the sport, enjoy the show of the Tour, Giro and Vuelta, and take it like that, like in NFL, those guys are doped, also in Indy Car, those cars are doped, but the show is like that, a battle of superheroes!

  • Michael Stolorena

    Growing up he was my favorite rider, try to remember him for that and those years of his career. Even though was cheating, he inspired a whole generation of riders and did wonders for the cycling world.

  • Neilo

    I agree that the film looks ridiculous, rather like The Flying Scotsman. And once again, the actors don’t look remotely like cyclists.

  • ummm…

    lol oops. I meant “I didn’t come out being more naive.”

  • ummm…

    Yes, Lance was doping in the 90s. So was Indurain, Riis, et al. The list can go on and on. Nothing new invented there. Festina was doping the whole team and bringing this stuff across borders. Nothing new to Lance. In fact the whole tour almost quit because they didn’t feel that they were given the support they needed to dope without consequence. I assume Lance at home orchestrated that?

    I’ve read the reasoned decision. The problem is that it would be nice to see such investigation and candidness regarding Mapei, Banesto, etc. etc. You think that their dirt would be any less damning OR entertaining? Look at the German womens swimming team in the 70s. You think their nationally funded and run program was childs play when compared to Lance? DOn’t give Lance so much credit, but do give him a good deal – USPS has been the model for team like SKY, as far as tactics at least.

    Ferrari works with everyone that pays, and he still does. Lets not pretend he only worked with Lance

    I don’t think Lance OWNED the team. Fact check yourself.

    So, if you are upset that Lance was litigious and a jerk, then I get it. I wanted to see Lance fall. When we got our whipping boy and we all piled on (me included) I came out feeling very dirty. But I did come out being less naive. This isn’t black and white. They got their scape goat and they (fans, sponsers, organizers, governing bodies) are riding it out. The Cannibal didn’t have to do all that, because nobody cared. It was an era in cycling when it was very romantic to dope.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    I have been racing since the early sixties even then in Belgium you were expected to take go faster tablets. doping in one form or another has always gone on and still does and not only in cycling.

  • Burt Fleming

    Festina was only the year before, but it by no means was the beginning of the Lance doping era. Lance has already admitted to use of steroids, HGH, cortisone as far back as 94 or 95, and was given EPO during his recovery from cancer (use of these drugs may have accelerated his cancer).

    Once again, it needs to be said. The Lance Story, unlike any other cyclists that may have been caught doping, is not just about Lance doping; it is about all of the other things Lance stands accused of. Please read USADA’s Reasoned Decision. No other cyclist has ever been involved in all that Lance and Co. did to win. Lance possessed illegal drugs, took illegal drugs, trafficked illegal drugs, sold sponsor equipment to fund his ‘Program’, paid the foremost drug doctor to train him, Lance as an owner of the team made his teammates/employees take the same or they would be fired. Lance lied under oath, sued/ruined/tried to ruin anyone and everyone who told the TRUTH about him. Defrauded the US Government, and much much more. Don’t remember the ‘Cannibal’ for example, doing all of that…

  • ummm…

    Don’t mean to insult you, but…Only after Armstrong had you wondered which guys are clean? C’mon – Festina was only the year before. Plus, cycling history is filled with the great heroes admitting!!! to doping. And the great heroes that did not were themselves caught for doping – but never publicized as much, or conveniently forgotten. I mean, the Cannibal himself was caught. So, please lets not pretend that Lance Armstrong invented doping. It is a VERY silly notion.

  • Nic Lowe

    It’s the story that will never die – that is the Legacy of that awful human Armstrong. We watch the racing and forever ask; ‘Which ones are clean ?’ We’ll never know. It continues to destroy the sport.

    The film looks faintly ridiculous btw.

  • Lee Wingate

    very bored of cycling weekly seemingly pushing the tired lance story now! how about concentrate on bigging up the riders ahead of the forth-coming world championships!!! much more exciting and current.