British Cycling has over-ruled the decision of the Chief Commissaire not to award Lizzie Armitstead two medals at the National Championships, one each for the senior and Under-23 categories.

An official statement from British Cycling read as follows:

British Cycling has over-ruled the decision of the Chief Commissaire not to award Lizzie Armitstead two medals following her success in the Women’s Elite and Under 23 National Road Championships on Saturday 27 June held in Abergavenny, Wales.
Lizzie Armitstead secured the Under 23 Championship and finished second in the Women’s Elite category but was refused the silver on the instructions of the Chief Commissaire on the basis that a rider could not be eligible for both categories.
As all National Championships are under control of the British Cycling Board, it over-ruled the decision after consulting the Commissaires Commission and the Road Commission ahead of the Men’s Elite race on Sunday 28 June.
It was agreed that the rule interpretation of the Chief Commissaire was not shared by the Board which confirmed that any rider in the Under 23 category capable of finishing in a medal position among elite riders is entitled to a medal in both categories.
The medals in the Men’s Elite and Under 23 Championship were awarded on the correct basis. As a result, Peter Kennaugh was awarded both Bronze in the Elite category and Gold in the Under 23 category.
The only exceptions to this ruling were Ben Swift and Jonny Bellis, who, as members of UCI ProTour teams, are clearly excluded from the Under 23 category.
Brian Cookson, President of British Cycling, commented: “The decision of the Chief Commissaire caused considerable distress to the riders who competed in the race on Saturday and created confusion among spectators.
“We received a number of complaints on the day and acted swiftly to put the situation right and prevent the same mistake from happening in the Men’s race on Sunday.
“We will be reviewing our technical regulations governing national championships at the next Board Meeting with the view to publishing clearer guidelines for future races.
“On behalf of British Cycling I would like to apologise to Lizzie Armitstead and the other riders competing on the day for the distress caused by this incident.”

More on this in this Thursday’s Cycling Weekly.

Cookson overrules to reinstate Armitstead

  • Nigel

    A fair sporting outcome in the end and let’s not get hung up on criticising the Chief Commissaire for interpretation of the rules. This situation has cropped up in the past with Nicole Cooke I believe (but without the hoo-ha) and it’s a pity the unintended ambiguity in the rules wasn’t flagged and sorted out then, but at the end of the day common-sense has prevailed and BC have committed to eliminate the ambiguity so let’s move on. Congrats to all the medallists and to the sporting attitudes of the riders who were just off the podium.

    The only question left for me is whether excluding riders from the U-25 category just because they ride for Pro-Tour teams is necessary – surely their birth-date shoud be the only criterion? It’s not like they’d block the podium for ever – eventually they’d get old and reach 26…

  • zonca

    once again bc cocks up could’nt this have been resolved before the event i feel very sorry for colin hes been made to look the fool rahther than blazer brigade bc……