Peter Sagan's having fun in Abu Dhabi, performing some bunnyhops at the traffic lights in his world champion's stripes

Sound the Sagan bunnyhop klaxon! Peter’s at it again, but this time he’s in his world champion’s kit on the streets of Abu Dhabi.

Out in the Emirates for the inaugural Tour of Abu Dhabi, Sagan and his Tinkoff-Saxo teammates took to the streets for a training ride where young Peter got up to his usual antics.

The skills are nothing we’ve not seen before, but now he’s doing it in his rainbow stripes. It’s good to see Sagan’s new status hasn’t stopped him having fun on his bike. Indeed, at the planned Tinkoff 2016 team launch in the Alpine resort of Courcheval, Sagan will reportedly ride down the slopes on a mountain bike with studded tyres.

The weather in Abu Dhabi this week is set to be slightly warmer than the Alps, though, with temperatures set to reach the high 30s Celsius on each day of the race.

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“Abu Dhabi is a nice city, and I have ridden in the region before, although, after the very crazy week that I have had, it may be a hard race for me, there’ s a long climb on the third stage, and it’s hot, and I don’t like it when it is hot,” Sagan said at Tuesday’s press conference.

Looks like you’re out of luck, Pete.

  • 1stTrax

    Unless you live in Idaho. Bike laws are written that for a bike a stop sign is treated like a yield sign and a stop light is treated like a stop sign. Stop and roll if it is clear!

  • linda hanna

    Then YOU are a bad bad cyclist person. lol

  • ummm…

    u know what i do while waiting at traffic lights….NOTHING cause I don’t wait!!! scooofffllllaaawwwww