With the British hill-climb season now under way, Cycling Weekly has taken a look at the best events on this year's calendar

The British hill-climb season is short, but definitely sweet as professional riders with end-of-season form pit themselves against hill-climb specialists and have-a-go club riders.

Events are great to watch and the ‘classic’ events are always packed with spectators, with a steady flow of riders coming past at full tilt.

The season traditionally draws to a close with the British Hill-climb National Championships, this year taking place at Jackson Bridge in Yorkshire on October 25.

Here we pick out some of the best events to go and watch – or to try out for yourself.

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The Crowd Favourites

Sheffrec CC Hill-Climb

Monsal Head (OHC/3), October 4
Celebrating its 85th birthday in 2015. Malcolm Elliott’s best of 1-14.2 from 1981 still stands as the course record. The top of the climb resembles a temporary bike park, as spectators aplenty test themselves up the 675-yeard hill, before watching the experts.

Bec CC Hill-climb

White Lane (GH/31), October 11
Part of the famed South-East double-header along with Catford CC’s event on Yorks Hill (see below), this 700-yard climb averages 13 per cent and always boasts sizeable crowds come rain or shine.

Hill climb

Every competitor can expect rousing support in a British hill climb. Photo: Dave Hayward

The Challenges

Halifax Imperial Wheelers Hill-climb

Stocks Lane (V9919), September 26
Returning to the calendar for 2015, the 2008 national champion Matt Clinton highlighted this 900-yard climb which pushes 30 per cent in places, as “one of the hardest on the calendar”.

Lancashire RC Hill-climb

The Rake (L812), October 11
Jack Pullar, who won the men’s national title on the Rake in 2012, said: “There are handrails for people walking up it, it’s that steep, and it’s mid-range in length, so it’s probably the most painful type”.

Catford CC Hill-climb

Yorks Hill (GH/32), October 11
Defending women’s national champion Maryka Sennema (Paceline RT) has highlighted this as a challenge. “It’s difficult to pace and too easy to go fast on the shallower gradients. I say every year that I’m going to achieve a good time on it but as yet I just can’t conquer it.”

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The Nationals

National Championships promoted by the Yorkshire Cycling Federation

Jackson Bridge (V9912), October 25
Jackson Bridge hosted the Nationals back in 1994, when Jeff Wright inflicted a rare defeat on Stuart Dangerfield. Riders can preview the Championships in the Huddersfield Star Wheelers event on the 0.9-mile course on October 10.