Fractured ankle and a plaster cast for long-distance cyclist Steve Abraham after incident in Somerset on Sunday

Cycling mileage world record hopeful Steve Abraham received a setback to his attempt on Sunday after being involved in a collision with a moped in Somerset resulting in a fractured ankle.

After initially remounting his bike and carrying on, Abraham decided to call it a day in Wellington having started his ride at 6.16am in Exeter, Devon. It was only after a hospital visit that the extent of Abraham’s injury was revealed: two fractured bones in his ankle.

Abraham’s team made the announcement via social media on Sunday, with Chris Hopkinson writing on Facebook: “I am extremely sad to announce that at approx 8.10am this morning Steve was ridden into by a moped not paying attention to what they were doing. Steve tried to carry but stopped in Wellington.

“He has then been collected by one of the team and taken to hospital. He has incurred two broken bones in his ankle and is currently in plaster. It is looking highly likely that he will require an operation to add a plate and screws.”

At present, it is not clear how this will affect Abraham’s attempt to beat the current cycling annual mileage record held since 1939 by Tommy Godwin, a mark of 75,065 miles. Abraham is also facing a current challenge from American rider Kurt Searvogel.

Abraham had already made significant gains on the mileage recorded at the same point in the year by Godwin but he will now have to take an enforced rest. The 40-year-old’s has to ride an average of at least 205 miles (330km) per day to beat Godwin.

You can follow Abraham’s progress on his website, via Twitter and on Strava.

  • D MacDonald

    Get well soon Steve. The record will be yours soon enough.

    You are a true gent; unlike a certain Mr Beaumont, who’s agents are suing a charity cycle event organiser for £60,000 worth of earnings for four weeks work.

  • ian franklin

    People riding mopeds, driving cars or trucks and so on not paying attention is an absolute curse. I feel so sorry for Steve and send him my best wishes.

  • stevetotton

    6 weeks off est. I guess it’s over for this year? Unless he held on to the moped and finishes on that.

  • The Awakening

    Good, I’m glad the picture did load.
    Those are my comments above, but because I didn’t think the pictured had loaded, I deleted and was going to have another attempt, but it is there.

  • Guest

    The picture of Steve in plaster has already been posted on his website, but I’ll post it here.
    Steve, if you are reading this;
    “Get well properly and take your time doing so. You can have a two or three month lay off, to take it easy. Then have a completely NEW start when you want to. The record hasn’t slipped away from you Steve, it is waiting there when you are ready to go for it again. Don’t despair, it will come when you are well again.”

  • David Taylor

    That would be 227 miles per day, not 205 (Tommy Godwin’s average). Get well quickly Steve.