The collision between a cyclist and a car happened on Thursday evening

A young cyclist has died after colliding with a car just after 7.30pm on Thursday in Wednesbury, near Birmingham.

The incident took place at the junction of Beaconview Road and Walsall Road, and involved a Volkswagen Bora.

An ambulance crew and a paramedic attended the scene, but were unable to save the 15-year-old.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “The cyclist suffered extensive injuries and was pronounced dead by the paramedics.”

A 24-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

Birmingham cyclist ‘critical but stable’

The teenager’s death came just a day after another West Midlands cyclist was left with severe head injuries after an incident involving a Toyota.

West Midlands Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision, which took place on the A45 Coventry Road in Sheldon just before 6am on Wednesday.

Latest reports indicate that the man’s condition is critical but stable.

  • avlowe

    Check WMP facebook posting – driver ran off and left scene.

    No details within 24 hours either do offences under s.170.2 and .3 plus failing to register new keeper, etc which should be piled in as well as CD by DD

    It does seem ridiculous that we can have this state of a car sold months earlier but not registered to ‘new owner’ (a serious flaw in UK system – annual VED licensing (number) should be linked to Insurance Policy number – if insurance expires or cancelled when car sold, insurer should automatically notify DVLA – this than triggers issue of SORN ‘reminder’ to new keeper to put vehicle off road or get new VED and registration of keeper.

    Best term is x happened in a collision between a cyclist and a car DRIVEN BY – always make it clear that the inanimate car usually has to be driven by a human being in order to cause harm of any kind

  • ‘Accident’ suggests something unintentional,
    and most collisions certainly are not premeditated. But it also suggests something that was beyond
    control; it is, as one of our members has said, a description with an excuse embedded within it. The
    phrase “it was just an accident” serves both as a claim of innocence and as an exoneration. Use of the
    term ‘accident’ is inappropriate until all the facts of the case are known.

  • reg

    Why does Cycling Weekly so often write “collision with car” and similar when, as in this case, it appears the car driver was at fault? Maybe I am being over-pedantic, but “colliding with a car” sounds to me as though the car was stationary or moving slowly and the cyclist rode into it, and by the same token that the cyclist was somehow at fault. Of course, if the car driver pulled out and stopped in front of the cyclist, then the cyclist would collide with car. But is that what happened here and in the numerous other cases where Cycling Weekly has used this wording in connection with a fatal accident that was the fault of the motorist and not the cyclist?