Amsterdam, Prague and Rome line-up in video stunt which aims to see how quickly a bike will be stolen in the respective cities

Where exactly is the worst place to leave your bike in the open in Europe? Well, this video won’t exactly answer that, but it pits three of Europe’s major capitals, Amsterdam, Rome and Prague against each other to see where a bike will get stolen the quickest.

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And it’s a brilliant watch. Little do the prospective thieves know that a surprise lies in store for them should they pick up the red bike left unchained and unguarded, and it doesn’t take long for someone in Amsterdam to spark some interest in the bike.

One of the cities even manages to get to the end of the competition with no-one attempting to take the expensive looking steed, almost a full three hours after the contest began.

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You can watch for yourself to find out exactly what the thieves have got coming to them, and who comes out on top in the 2015 European Bike Stealing Championships…maybe London for next year?

  • Bruno Kabbaz

    I doubt it would last more than 30 seconds here in Brazil…

  • Goatse

    Why blank out their faces? Pathetic.

  • ummm…

    the band had to stand in the truck for over an hour? Sucks. Central squares can be intimidating for bike thiefs, am I wrong? Maybe just off the central square would have been better. But, what do I know. Im just sitting here typing away telling others what to do as life passes me by………