Astana's Vincenzo Nibali says there is nothing substantial in the rumours about motorised doping in the pro peloton

Vincenzo Nibali insists that rumours of mechanical doping are nothing new, but believes there is not enough evidence to prove it is a problem in the sport of cycling.

The Italian was asked about motorised bikes in an interview with AS, following the discovery of a motor in a bike of an U23 rider at the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in January.

While rumours have been around for years about motors in road racing, no rider has ever been caught with one in their bike, and Nibali hopes the chatter among the fans can return to the positive aspects of the sport.

“I understand that the issue becomes topical, but not new. There are already several years that has sounded and the truth is that I believe that there are insufficient grounds to make the noise being made,” he said.

“I hope that riders are able to make the fans talk about something else.”

Vincenzo Nibali’s pro bike

Nibali has started his season strongly, winning the queen stage and the overall title at the Tour of Oman, as he builds up to the Giro d’Italia in May, where he counts Alejandro Valverde, Mikel Landa and Esteban Chaves as his main rivals.

He didn’t perform as he would have wanted in his defence of the Tour de France in 2015 and last year’s Vuelta a España winner Fabio Aru will lead Astana there this year, with Nibali a willing domestique.

“I wanted to try to win the Giro d’Italia again for the fans, because it is the race of my land and is an incredible test,” he said.

“The Tour is not ruled out, I’ll probably go, but rather to help Fabio Aru and prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio. Astana has two leaders for the Grand Tours and it is normal that we divide the goals.”

  • ummm…

    lol. short for sure. But, what do you mean by weak? Did I not give you enough; I’m sure more can be given but I’m not paid to do this. Cyclingweekly is, and they have as much as they could being a Brit site. There are a myriad other things, but I wont go into it. If you wish to defend this sport, or any elite professional sport, then that is fine. If you think the most dominant tour team of the generation in a sport chock full of doping are cleaner than the rest then you are free to do so. It is just funny how the Brits feel themselves superior to any other cycling nation after riding the sky train to a couple of victories. I’m an American and for all that could be said about Americans, in this case the Brits are looking exactly like all the lame Postal fans looked. So sad.

  • Wilson

    That’s quite a weak list really isn’t it?

  • ummm…

    oh dear, i dont read every single article but ill take a shot at a couple; sky doctors, tramadol use, riders that have gotten popped for doping either riding or directing on the team, tour dominance and tactics a la team Postal. I can keep going but i just got into my office and need a coffee. But, hey Froome and British cycling are as clean as you want them to be. The history of world is full of sheep such as yourself.

  • Wilson

    Yes please go down this list for us

  • ummm…

    if we are going to bring up car assistance than sky is by NO means free of guilt. There is plenty of smoke coming out of every WT team, and where there is smoke…..Should I go down the list of fishy things sky has gotten up to? anyhow your final point shows how infantile you are; if one mentions froome and isn’t fawning then they must be jealous. go back under the rock you crawled out of.

  • ant

    …. his “motor assisted ride at the Vuelta was the funniest thing I’d seen in a cycle race. ….. Great entertainment ….. and at the same time, summed him up his apparent view of ethical/moral behaviour.

  • ant

    Well …. ummm …. that kind of comment was “popular” with LA fanboys back in the day. You know full well why it would be different if Froome had uttered them ….. Or do you have any suspicious “car assistance” or actual abnormal results to hold up in defence of your obviously jealousy based view?

  • ummm…

    I have a feeling that the comments on this thread would be different if Froome had uttered them.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    I hope you have a good legal team making accusations like that you will need them.

  • Peter Corbin

    This coming from a guy who didn’t even try to conceal his motor at last years Vuelta!

  • Chris Williams

    Not just mechanical – look at his team, some removed because of normal DOPING and then there is him cheating last year in SPAIN – big mechanical doping there, with 4 wheels and an engine!!!!!!

  • Harri

    ban team radio???

  • Tom Wells

    I don’t mind throwing around accusations. I’m pretty sure this guy is a cheater.

    Standing at the side of the road in the 2014 tour when he was still breathing through his nose while everyone else was busting a gut showed enough for me!

  • Jay

    This Nibali seems like one dodgy rider. Just a baseless unfounded gut feel I think of this guy.