Cyclist Greig Millar is left with a broken back and a broken leg after being hit by a car on Eaglesham Moor, near Glasgow, on Monday

The wife of a cyclist who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run in Glasgow on Monday has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Greig Millar, 35, was left with a broken back and a broken leg after being hit by a car near Eaglesham Moor. The car drove off while Mr Millar was left lying in a ditch.

His wife Natalie, has urged witnesses to speak to police, saying that her husband will undergo surgery on his spine on Thursday.

Mrs Millar said: “Hopefully someone will come forward.”

Adding: “It was a shock. It happened at the back of four. There was a lot of sunlight yesterday and Greig was cycling uphill. He said he just felt a car hit him from behind and it knocked him right off his bike.

“He landed in a ditch. The driver didn’t stop. He managed to wave his hand and luckily a few people stopped and helped him.”

Mrs Millar reportedly found out about her husband’s accident after passers-by saw him lying in the ditch and called her from his mobile.

According to Police Scotland, the crash happened as Mr Millar was cycling west through Eaglesham Moor, East Renfrewshire, on to Moors Road. The car lost a wing mirror in the incident and the vehicle may have been silver in colour.

Anyone with information should contact Greater Glasgow’s Road Policing Unit by phoning 101.

  • geomannie

    This was a horrible accident and the vehicle driver should go to jail for his criminal behaviour. However, it would be wrong to blame the road for it per se. This is indeed a relatively fast road with somewhat iffy cycle infrastructure, but when you look at the accident statistics, there have been relatively few cycle accidents along this stretch, despite it being a popular cycle route. Evaluation of accident locations in the Strathclyde area shows that most reported cycle accidents are associated with junctions and poor sight-lines (e.g. areas with parked cars). The accident cycle rates in Glasgow city averaged 1 per 1.1 km for the 15 year period 1999-2013. The accident rate on this stretch of road is about half of that at around 1 per 2 km. Yes, I would like to see this road made safer for cycling but as it stands is does show as particularly dangerous. I worry more when I cycle into Glasgow City Centre. Statistically I know that I am far more likely to be a casualty here. As for the roundabouts on the south side of Glasgow, they have ridiculously high accident rates.

  • Stuart Russell

    It’s a road I regularly cycle on and full of boy racers and idiots.

  • David McGuire

    I wouldn’t ride that road, people regularly drive like maniacs and completely ignore the road markings.

  • theplacidcasual

    I think this is yet another example of the lack of humanity that cyclists (and pedestrians in certain instances) find themselves subjected to. Flawed judgement and no doubt reckless speed as contributing factors……but it’s only a cyclist, not an actual human being! Still, I’m sure that if a witness does come forward or the perpetrator is identified by other means, the usual slap on the wrist will probably ensue, whilst the cyclist may have life changing injuries. Hopefully, the guy makes a relatively speedy recovery.

  • Paul Jakma

    There’s a cyclist I knew who would outright refuse to cycle over that moor road, even with perfect conditions. It’s not the widest road – not enough to pass a cyclist with any comfort if there’s an oncoming car, yet a good few drivers on that road like to go quite fast on it.