Mark Cavendish today received his MBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The British sprinter was given the honour for ‘services to British cycling’.

Cavendish is Britain’s most successful ever cyclist and 2011 was his best year so far. He won the green jersey at the Tour de France (winning five stages on the way) and in September won the world road race championships, the first Brit to do so since Tom Simpson in 1965.

Cavendish was one of the few cyclists not to be honoured following the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when all medal winners were recognised. He was the only track cyclist not to win a medal at the last Olympics.

Cavendish is currently the bookies favourite for the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2011. The award is given to the sportsperson who receives the most public votes during the show on December 22.

Cycling Weekly is leading the #cav4SPOTY campaign on Twitter.

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Cavendish awarded MBE

  • Will Hirst

    Cav’s personality might not go down to well with a lot of people, but to get to where he is, the thin line between confidence and arrogance gets crossed quite a few times. You can knock his attitude, but at the end of the day, Cav’s is the world beating (that is male, I do recognize your efforts Ms Cooke) rider that British cycle racing has been waiting decades for. To add, love or hate the Queen and the royal family, it would take me all day to explain, but having the royal family has given the people of this country the confidence to meet any challenges and threats posed to us and to our prosperity and freedom

  • Patrick Jackson-Smith

    Dear Mr Green,

    I don’t remember being quite so rude to you. Obviously I have no way of knowing what events must have taken place during your life to engender the kind of prejudice, bitterness and disdain you have for anyone who is not you. There are organisations that can help you come to terms with the perception you have of your lot in life. Personally I can highly recommend the Samaritans who have helped me get over my own demons. The great thing is that they’re never judgemental so they’ll always be there even when you’ve managed to ostracise the rest of humanity. Good luck with you recovery.

    Dear Paul

    Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. You are incredibly perceptive! That was exactly the tone I was aiming for; overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning whilst being showy of one’s knowledge, in a boring manner, but maintaining a finicky fastidiousness with language.

    I ask as a fellow pedant, is that not the raison d’être of our craft.

  • Frank Green

    Thank you Patrick Grovel-Arse im sorry my view impeded other people’s rights, how on earth it did is beyond me really. I think Mark Cavendish is an outstanding cyclist for the record and i think his achievements have been recognised by the Britsh public and the cycling community in general, why would he need recognition from a member of the Aristocracy. I want our modern aristocracy to pay taxes- The Queen will not pay inheritence tax, Double-Barrel you might have to, not that the Queen’s bothered about YOU.

  • Paul

    Dear Patrick Jackson-Smith being pedantic is not being clever.

  • James F

    CW remove that bitter, idiotic comment from the top!

    Well done Mark you deserve the award and the recognition!

  • patricia davies

    Well done Cav; about time too!

  • Patrick Jackson-Smith

    Dear Mr Frank Green,

    Freedom of speech is everyones right in a democratic society. However just because you have a right
    does not mean you ought to exercise it when and wherever you like as that may impede other people’s rights. In legal terms that makes freedom of speech a qualified right.

    Whilst I’m pleased you feel able to have an opinion about Royalty and the honours they choose to bestow on their subjects and citizens I’d respectfully suggest this is not the forum for those opinions.

    Perhaps you should allow others to be proud of their achievements and spare the rest of us your bitterness.

    P.S. There are only four letters in the word “a**e”, Majesty should have a capital “M”, the first-person singular subjective case personal pronoun should be capitalised, and finally contractions should use an apostrophe to mark the missing letter or letters. These points of grammar possibly slipped by you whilst you were formulating your anti-royalist opinion or reading “Das Kapital”!

  • Barry Griffin

    While you are entitled to your opinion, Cav accepted the award in a suitably dignified manner, which was given as a token of the national recognition he has been accorded due to his outstanding achievements. I’m sure that his family, and most of those associated with his sport and Isle of Man are rightfully proud that Cav has been recognized in this way.

  • Ken Evans

    The Queen makes Cav look tall !

  • arronski

    Great honour for mark, our Queen is the best thing about this country run by a bunch of conservative muppets,,,arise sir cav.
    Expect the post to fill up with anti-establishment and anti-Cav haters as normal !

  • Steve F

    Blimey, e’s ‘ad ‘is ‘air cut!

  • Phil Riley

    Only a matter of time before it’s Sir Mark.

  • charlie e

    @fg – and you sir are an a**e hole!

  • frank green

    Why do people try and find favour with an outdated aristocracy, and feel that acceptance from them is the ultimate honour- your majesty i wouldnt let you wipe my a””e.