David Millar’s season concluded by taking the whole range of medals – and gaining plenty of air miles in the process.

Within three weeks, the Scot dashed from world championship silver in Australia to take Commonwealth gold and bronze in Dehi before finishing his year by taking the field apart in the Chrono Des Nations time-trial last Sunday.

However, though the Commonwealth Games finished last Wednesday, memories of his first event in a Scottish jersey will stay with David Millar.

“It meant a lot more than I thought it would. I underestimated how the passion would affect me. I’m incredibly proud, and pleased I could give something back to Scotland,” he said.

“When I was younger, I thought I was a rockstar and regret not going to the Games. So I was able to appreciate it all the more.”

“It was also quite weird, hanging out with

Paralympians, gymnasts and rugby players. It was odd in a new way – and I

loved it.”

“Many of us spend all season being so professional, when for many of the

guys just being here is their ultimate sporting accomplishment. It was

enormously gratifying,” the 33 year old continued.

“So many didn’t turn up, but to have me and Mark [Cavendish] at the Commonwealths was great. It’s so easy for stars become wankers. It gave me a great amount of pleasure, it made me realise that a lot of pros have forgotten their roots.”

“It doesn’t come down to salaries, ego, or which team has the nicest bus. Everyone is sat together in their tracksuits,” he added.

While Millar won the time-trial by 55 seconds to closest rival Alex Dowsett, his aggressive performance in the road race, netting bronze, was the source of greater pride.

“It went exactly how we’d planned in the meeting. Ross [Creber], James [McCallum] and Davie [Lines] barely left my side for the first half, then we had Andy [Fenn] and Evan [Oliphant] to follow the breaks.”

“I’m immensely impressed and proud; the time-trial was a more personal experience, this was a much bigger sense of achievement.”

Cav: humility in high humidity

Millar also paid tribute to Mark Cavendish’s humility, as the Isle of Man rider went to the Games, despite several other high-profile withdrawals and got stuck in, even driving the team car and helping teammate Andrew Roche for the Isle of Man during the time-trial.

“I was particularly impressed with Cav’s maturity in realising how important they are to us. Normally that’s the sort of thing you realise at my age,” he joked.

“I really enjoyed spending time with Mark this year – I’d like to help him win the world championships in Copenhagen,” Millar added.

As for improving on his time-trial silver in Denmark? “Of course I’d like to podium in the time-trial, though I feel that the course in Melbourne was perfect for me.”

See this week’s Cycling Weekly for more Millar’s thoughts on challenging for Tour de France time-trials and his Chrono des Nations victory.

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  • Ken Evans

    “….I thought I was a rockstar…..”

    I never thought that he got so big headed.
    Obviously cycling is more popular in Europe !
    His wages would have been very good,
    but not mega-banker level.

  • old hedgey

    Okay we seem to have a concensus,.Well done to Shane Sutton as well who was out there giving the England riders the proverbial ‘gee-up’, another man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Things seem to have moved on in some directions from 1989 when I was part of a team riding the inaugural – one off as it turned out – Tour of India.
    The protocol which governs Indian society seems however to be exactly where it was at that time. The last-minute pandemoniums regarding the Village etc were all present in the 1989 race, read Cycling Weekly’s original report at http://www.arthur-linton.co.uk for more

  • sheldon

    Well done David Miller. Your 3 medal rides in the Worlds and Commonwealth were fantastic achievements, and your world class ability was truly demonstrated. It was great to watch and well done to Cav for putting himself on the line and showing great maturity.
    Thought Rob Hale’s comments on the Commonwealth cycling events from the studio were spot on, nice one Rob.

  • old hedgey

    Top Marks to both!! Various riders will realise in the years ahead what a great mistake they made in not attending this distinctive event, more fool them. Roll on Glasgow 2014, hope to support Dave Millar, Cav, Becky James etc there.

  • Lucas

    Spot on.
    Mr Millar has gone from being a pariah to quite a hero in my estimation.
    Hard men compete all year, not just the TDF.
    I like the crack about “easy for stars to become w*****s”. Never a truer word Dave.
    Could he be talking about a certain high profile new pro team here? surely not.
    Still, if the hand fits.