The two cyclists killed after being hit by a coach on the A595 at Moota in Cumbria on Sunday have been named by police.

Christian Townend, 29 and his brother Nicholas Towned, 21, both local to the area, were in collision with the coach just before 2.55pm on Sunday, December 5, whilst out riding on the A595 toward Cockermouth.

Both of the men died at the scene.

Christian Townend was a qualified pharmacologist working for United Utilities in Cumbria, and Nicholas was working in the Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater, before embarking on a further education course.

The 42-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested by police under suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and was taken to Workington Police Station to be interviewed. He was released on bail until February 6, 2011.

Cumbria Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, who are encouraged to contact West Cumbria Roads Policing Unit on 0845 33 00 247.

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  • Wendy chadwick

    My heart also goes out to the family of this tragedy
    I would like to say that as a car driver this too happened to me with a pedestrian
    Unfortunatly the pedestrian died as a result of the accident
    I was devastated and think about it every day of my life
    The outcome at the inquest was I had done everything in my power to avoid this collision and it was a pure accident .
    My heart also goes out to the bus driver and his family at this time as he may also have done everything in his power to avoid this tragic accident,we will not know until witnesses come forward.

  • Paul keegan

    I am very sorry to hear of the two brothers and the italian cyclists killed. Something more has to be done by governments to protect cyclists on the roads. I am sick of hearing of another life lost by morons, how some of them get there license is beyond me, either a jail sentence or a life time ban should be imposed.

  • Malc Thompson

    An absolute tragedy. When will vehicle drivers learn to slow up.

  • mauhum

    My heart goes out to the family of the two brothers. A few months ago a car ploughed into five members of the Border City Wheelers on the new road to Gretna. Luckily none were killed, although all were badly injured. My cousin has had to have a hip replacement because of it. These accidents seem to be happening more and more often. We’re all being encouraged to cycle more, but we can’t and don’t want to cycle on cycle paths all the time. Drivers and cyclists need to be made more aware of the potential dangers of sharing the road. Public information films can be quite shocking these days, but they can go a long way to making people think about what can happen.