Jody Cundy remains insistent that he should have been given a second shot at riding for the time trial gold medal he believes would have been his.

The British cyclist admits he still feels the pain of his false start in the London Velodrome, one that prompted an angry outburst that thrust him into the national spotlight.

Cundy refused to accept the decision of the officials not to grant him a restart, prompting an outburst in front of 6,000 fans.

He went on to win a bronze medal in his less favoured event of the individual pursuit, but Cundy remains full of regrets at his missed opportunity.

“An emotional rollercoaster is about the best way I can describe the experience of London 2012 for me,” said the 33-year-old.

“I come away with a bronze medal, probably not the medal I wanted, but still a bronze taken in an event that isn’t really my number one event.

“With the time trial false start I didn’t really know how to cope with it, especially the fact I didn’t get that restart and they said it was rider error and I never got that second chance.

“However they judged it the fact I didn’t get a second start is how they interpreted the results, but if I look back I should have had a second start anyway even if the gate didn’t open.

“I knew in training how fast I had been going and the fact that my world record was quicker than the time the Spaniard (Alfonso Cabello) had rode.

“Unfortunately I never got to show it and I’ll probably never be in that shape, form or prime ever again. But I shall try the next time I go to a major championships to make sure I’m back in this kind of shape and we will see what happens then.”

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  • max

    he should have fallen off, then he would have had a restart. Short memories some people have……

  • Dick Turpin

    Your a star Jody,and a lot more people know the name now.
    You showed anger, humility and above all passion about the sport you love and and excel at.
    UCI need looking into.

  • Ken Evans

    A false start in mass-start event, such as the 100m athletics,
    affects other competitors, a false start in a time trial doesn’t.

    Why not give the guy a second chance ?

    The aim is to find the fastest rider,
    not who can survive the starting procedure.

    It must be possible to devise a better starting system.

    With high-precision electronic timing,
    a lone competitor should be able to start when then want,
    and the timing started as soon as they are in motion.

    In ski racing, the skier pushes a bar open,
    to start the clock, a similar system could operate in one-up time trials,
    with the awkward starting gate system eliminated.