Etixx-Quick-Step sprinter Mark Cavendish bemoans the number of climbs between now and the final Tour de France stage in Paris

Sprinters hate mountains and Mark Cavendish is no exception.

The Manxman took to Twitter before Thursday’s stage 18 bemoaning the number of red dots on the route profile, which indicate categorised climbs.

With seven climbs on the 186.5km route from Gap to Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne, Cavendish noted that the route map had chicken pox and said he was sick of the mountain stages already.

Luckily there are only two more mountainous stages left before Cavendish returns to his second home of the Champs-Elysees, although his chances of another final stage win took a dent as Mark Renshaw dropped out of the race.

Cavendish’s trusty leadout man abandoned the race around the halfway mark of stage 18, leaving the 26-time stage winner with just five teammates after Michal Kwiatkowski quit on Wednesday.

The Etixx-Quick-Step fast man will rely on Zdenek Stybar, Michal Golas, Matteo Trentin, Rigoberto Uran and Julien Vermote to lead him to the finish line if he is to win his fifth final-stage win.
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  • NitroFan

    Astonishing forum name and mindset. A depleated team a route not suited to Cavendish only one stage win and he’s a loser! Yeah right don’t you just love the johnny come lateley experts!

  • Unfrickingbelievable

    The point is simple. Cav has been touted for many years to be the fastest- the Manx Missile. His days are numbered. Winning one stage and accumulating less than half the green jersey’s points are very telling facts.

  • Alex

    I don’t really see what point you’re trying to make, all sprinters generally need a flat finish with a lead out train, not just Cavendish. In stage 7 Cav ditched his lead out man and beat Greipel (and the rest you mentioned). I don’t know what it is about cycling fans but tall poppy syndrome seems to be endemic.

  • Peter Marlow

    Well said.

  • Peter Marlow

    Get a grip Tim, the guy’s a born winner – 26 stages of the TDF – I should think he’s earnt the right to say what he likes.

    Perhaps you’d be better off with some tosspottery like cricket? More your style perhaps?

  • Timlewis

    Mariboustork .. None of the other sprinters are complaining are they?

  • Harvey Wyn

    Moaner of the first order – only happy when he’s winning, always someone/something at fault when he doesnt.

  • Mariboustork

    Too right.

  • Mariboustork

    Most sportspeople love their sport regardless of income apart from footers maybe.

  • Mariboustork

    Oh no he isn’t!

  • Mariboustork

    Mark Cavendish is not spoilt Silly Billy! Are you from the south without humour? He has also been unwell. This year’s tour is not as riveting, spoiled by constant media doping accusations and unsporting spectators who should be charged with assault but get away with it.

  • Cyclingwidow

    He’s just making a joke at his own expense as a sprinter – lighten up!
    Also have to point out that he won stage 7 in EXACTLY the OPPOSITE way to what you imply….it was a 4% finish NOT flat, he didnt have his lead out man but came off Griepels wheel, and Griepel, Sagan and Krstoff were most certainly with him!!

  • David Chadderton

    With income measured in millions, methinks one complains too much.

  • James Wilcox

    I disagree. The first 9 stages were basically flat with only one or two cat 4 climbs. This year’s tour has been more of a classic tour. 2 one-day style races, great mountain finishes and Alpe D’Huez the day before rolling into Paris? It’s awesome.

  • hailpantani

    It’s a fair comment – there should be more opportunities for sprinters (Cavendish or otherwise). There have been too many climbs this year and it’s unbalanced the race.

  • Unfrickingbelievable

    Fastest man on two wheels (with a good lead out man, no mountains leading up to a flat finish, no headwind and the absence of Greipel, Sagan and Degenkolb.) Glory days at the Tour are a thing of the past.

  • Timlewis

    Stop moaning cavendish!! Spoilt brat!!!