Rob Jefferies was killed on Thursday evening after being hit by a car near Wareham, Dorset, whilst cycling.

Jefferies was a stalwart of the British cycling scene, serving as British Cycling’s volunteer co-ordinator as well as riding at a high level in track and time trial events.

Jefferies was a well known figure in the UK cycling scene, both for his riding and the support and encouragement he gave to others in the sport. He was a member of Poole Wheelers CC.

Jefferies leave a wife and daughter. 

Early reports suggest that Jefferies was struck by a car from behind whilst cycling down the A351 near Wareham at 8.10pm on Thursday, May 27. He died at the scene.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident, but was later released by police.

Dorset police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, and can be contacted on 01202 222 222.

  • Vince E

    This is why I have given up my road bike and ride almost exclusively on side roads and pavements using an MTB. People who ride on A roads take their lives in their hands, it’s not worth it.

  • will jefferies

    Rob’s funeral

    10 June 10:00 – 13:00
    Poole Crematorium

    The thing for Rob after the funeral will be at Harmans Cross village Hall from noon. Eve wants less black and more bright clothes. Bring a dish if you live locally and/or a bottle. Lots of parking and outdoor space.

  • Judith Brixton CC

    The world of grass roots cycling is missing one of its all time legends and contributors. Robert Jefferies was killed on the evening of Thursday 26th May whilst interval training with a club mate near Wareham. He was hit from behind by a driver. The 18 year old was taken to a local police station but released on police bail. He claimed not to have seen Rob..

    The cycling community has been left devastated and angry by his untimely death.

    Robert started his racing career as a young teenager riding for the Festival RC and then the Delaune CC. He later rode for Brixton Cycles, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers and Poole Wheelers.

    Over the weekend the cycling media responded to his death with warm and loving tributes. Cycling Weekly, Twitter, Facebook and many web sites are flooded with expressions of love for Rob. Riders wore black arm bands and a minutes silence was held at track and race events meets across the country including Welwyn, Herne Hill and Manchester. Eurosport also took time out to report his tragic death.

    In addition to the hundreds of grass roots cyclists both Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins have expressed sadness and disbelief at the loss of one of our own.

    Rob developed close and unique relationships with those he met through cycling. He gave his time freely and with gusto and scores benefited from his insights, advice and high level of race knowledge.

    He was never arrogant or mean and shared his knowledge in his usual dead pan way. His clear love for cycling spread across a broad spectrum of events – from National events to local charity rides. He set records across the UK.

    For me – as so many – he was not just a great personal friend he was a mentor. Training rides were especially memorable. They usually ended with my tongue hanging out and maybe Rob commenting on the lanes. All I saw was a big expanse of a lycra and not much else.

    It is also his fault I am a track commisaire – and now run the Brixton CC track meet – without the ease and flair he did. He organised it brilliantly as he did all his events. (Only to see it rained off three times out of four) Yet again this year I am not ready and now he is not here for me to stress out at and get him to sort out the programme.

    Rob dedicated the Brixton June meet to big Ron Beckett with the Ron Beckett double harness pursuit (don’t ask). Ron another gentle big man of racing sport was like the rest of us lucky to have some great moments with Rob both as track rider and track commissaire. I hope Ron is sharing some great moments with him again.

    We have all had unique great moments with Rob that will stay with us forever. I cannot believe I will not have any more.

    Brixton CC especially send big love to wife Jane and ‘kids’ George and Jane.

    A ride to for Robo was held around Swanage on Bank holiday Monday. Over 70- cyclists including family and friends turned up. Wife Jane led the ride with daughter Eve and son George.
    See more about this at

    Details of his funeral will be posted soon.

  • Angela (CTC West Dorset)

    This is dreadful – young drivers need to be made aware of cyclists – we have as much right to use the roads as they do. Perhaps hanging a few from streetlights might focus their attention.

    On a more irritating theme – BBC Dorset website mentions some driver who got killed in Gloucester but failed to mention, Rob’s death. I think it’s disgraceful. If the driver is to blame – and I expect he is – I hope they throw the book at him.

  • Oli

    Incredibly sad to lose another of our number. When will people learn and when are we actually going to campaign for a decent legal response to such tragedies. No doubt this will result in another weak community service sentence.

    RIP Rob, and thanks for all of your efforts over the years.

  • jim watson

    Dont understand why the suspect was released? This happens far to often. Starting to put me off going out, with w%*nkers like this about!!!