Wouter Weylandt has died after a horrific crash during stage three of the Giro d’Italia on Monday.

Belgian Leopard-Trek rider Weylandt, 26, fell on the Passo del Bocco descent around 25km from the day’s finish in Rapallo.

Medical staff attended Weylandt very quickly as the severity of his injuries became apparent. Medics carried out CPR and heart massage in an attempt to resuciate him. He was subsequently air-lifted to hospital but was later declared dead.

The riders had been unaware of the incident until the stage finished. Race organisers cancelled the day’s podium presentation.

Weylandt’s Leopard-Trek team issued a statement on Monday evening.

“Today, our team mate and friend Wouter Weylandt passed away after a crash on the third stage of the Giro d’Italia.

“The team is left in a state of shock and sadness and we send all our thoughts and deepest condolences to the family and friends of Wouter.

“This is a difficult day for cycling and for our team, and we should all seek support and strength in the people close to us.”

Weylandt won stage three of the 2010 Giro d’Italia.

Weylandt leaves his girlfriend, An Sophie, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

  • James

    Missed yesterdays TV coverage and tried to work out what was happening today when i watched the end of todays stage after returning from a long ride this afternoon from my home in France. Was very upset by such a distressing incident which thankfully don’t happen very often.Unfortunately the sport we all love can be dangerous at times.

    My thoughts and condolences are with his girlfriend,family,friends and all the teams in the Giro in what will be a very difficult times ahead.

  • Robin Gambrill

    I was watching the Giro live via our computer here in New Zealand at about 2am.I felt sickened at the sight of Woulter lying on the road. It will be a very difficult time for his team,and the Giro peloton,also the Giro management.
    I extend my deepest sympathy to his family,his friends,and to Leopard Trek. I do hope the team continues the Giro in his honour and memory.
    Robin Gambrill,
    New Zealand.

  • steve humphrey

    so sad, a tragic day. lets hope the UCI learn from this. Safer drug free sport

  • richard beddows

    very sad day for the sport we love with passion and a tragic loss of a talented rider, condolences to woulters family and friends

  • George

    Such a tragedy. So young and had a big future ahead of him. I will ride my first time trial tommorow with his name on my bike in memory of him.
    RIP Wouter Weylandt

  • dazza 1

    so so sad. thoughts are with his family watched live on eurosport very upsetting

  • arronski

    Watched live also, still very shaken by image of crash shown live on eurosport, with cars motorbikes and cyclists descending a mountain pass at speeds of 70 mph+ it’s a miracle this doesn’t happen every race, but for the skill of those hero’s that know no fear.

    RIP Wouter Weylandt such a sad day for cycling and on the eve of his stage 3 win last year…. tragic !

  • Kevin Davies

    A Very Sad day for the Giro, condolences to Woulters family, friends and team mates, a Grave Tragedy to hit our sport and brings home the risks these brave sportsman take.

    R.I.P Wouters

  • k miller

    such a terrible thing to happen all my sympathy goes out to Wouters family and to the poor lad himself .
    let us all hope that such a thing dose not happen again R.I.P wouter god bless

  • johnthebike

    Thoughts going out to Wouter’s family and friends. Was horrfied to watch it live on Eurosport. Black day for cycling. RIP Wouter.

  • Mike Revill

    Awful tragedy today of a young rider who was at the top of our sport.Brought memories of Fabio Carsatelli flooding back,feel devastated as was watching the stage live.RIP WOUTER

  • chris meads

    Sincere condolencies to Wouters family, friends and team. A real tragedy

  • Toddy

    Sincere condolencies to Wouter’s family and friends, and the Leopard Trek team.

    I watched Europsort live, and this was extremely distressing.

    When something so sad like this happens, it puts into persepctive the petty squabble that Cav and Petacchi had yesterday.

    A sad day for our beloved sport.

    RIP Wouter.

  • Alison Manners

    Awful awful news. So very very sad for his family and team. A dark shadow cast over the race now.