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Score 7


  • Well shaped


  • Hard to access pockets


Assos UmaJack 851 jacket


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ALMOST but not quite, sums up this Assos jacket. It’s well shaped, but not quite as good as the Le Col or Giordana.

It’s a good cold weather performer, but not quite at Le Col’s level and even the pockets are just a bit off.

There are three, which is great, but the two you use all the time (at the sides) are zippered, making them a faff to use, especially as the zip pulls aren’t huge – not great with the sort of gloves a jacket this warm would be worn with.


It has lots of technical fabrics that all work very well but at the end of test rides, I'd always wish something was just a bit different.

  • Kjetil Haaland

    Jacket pictured and described is not the ladies Umajack, but the mens iJ.Habu. Quite the flawed review, alas.

  • Mike peacock

    Not a patch on the Rapha soft shell