I?ve had a road bike fitted with S&S couplings and am having great difficulty in finding a bike case large enough to transport it when folded down, due to the bike?s 700c wheels.

In a recent test in your magazine, the writer referred to being able to take the bike on flights in a hard case with compression struts. Could you tell me what hard case the reviewer had in mind?

Rob Shepherdson, South Yorkshire PTE

The hard case used has been specifically manufactured by the S&S machine shop that designed the couplings. Its dimensions are 26 x 26 x 10 inches, and this size conforms to the standard limits on suitcase size for air travel.

The cost of the case is approx US$400 but, at present, it is not available directly in the UK due to the prohibitive cost of importing them. However, there are other, cheaper, options available that can be viewed online at www.sandsmachine.com, and Bob Jackson Cycles would be the best UK shop able to advise you on your options.

Steve Calland

Former national squad rider. The British Airways pilot offers his advice for those looking to transport bikes on planes