Could you let me know the make of the lightest SPD pedals, please.

Thanks. Yours in sport,

Marc Hinton, email

The question highlights a very common misconception, or if you like, a lack of distinction between pedal systems and the terminology used to describe them.

The term ?SPD pedals? is often used in the wrong context, as a generic way to describe pedals that clip into your shoes. While they do indeed perform this function, the SPD stands for Shimano Pedalling Dynamics, and only refers to a type of pedal that Shimano manufactures.

The term ?clipless pedals? covers the whole spectrum, but is more commonly used when referring to road systems such as Look, Time, Speedplay etc. Shimano SPD pedals are off-road, two-sided pedals that use a very small metal cleat to engage with the shoe, whereas its SPD-SL pedals are road bike orientated, using a more common, large triangular plastic cleat.

Assuming your original question was referring to the weights of road pedal systems, then most of the top brands make a very light version of their pedal with carbon body and titanium axles. Time and Look are both very light, as are Speedplay. If you can wait a little longer then Speedplay is about to release a new, even lighter Nano pedal for 2008.

Stuart Bowers

Tech Writer. Bike-fit expert and Scott UK rider has raced for GB at mountain bike and cyclo-cross

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