Cycling Weekly Sportive Series partner Cycleplan share the importance of insurance

Promotional feature: With cyclists facing so many different hazards each day, Cycleplan have put together a few reasons why every cyclist needs specialist cycle insurance

With cyclists facing so many different hazards each day, Cycleplan have put together a few reasons why every cyclist needs specialist cycle insurance.

Three Reasons You NEED Specialist Cycle Insurance
We believe it goes without saying that all cyclists should fully protect themselves and their equipment with specialist cycle insurance, just like Cycleplan offer. There are so many hazards for cyclists to avoid without having to worry about paying the price, should an accident happen. Whether you commute to work every day or love to bomb up and down the hills at weekends, insurance should be an essential piece of your cycling equipment. Then you can ride with complete peace of mind, knowing you’re covered should something go wrong.

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Here are just a few of the things you’ll be protected against with specialist cycle insurance:

1. Theft, Loss & Damage of Equipment

Did you know that between April 2015 and March 2016, there were 327,000 reported incidents of bike theft? That figure could even be higher considering a shocking 75% of people don’t bother to tell the police that their bike has been stolen. That’s why it’s so important for cyclists to protect themselves with specialist cycle insurance that covers their bike and cycling accessories from theft, loss & damage.

Marcus’ story:

Marcus is a dentist that likes to mix up his midweek commute. He rides a 10-mile round trip at least twice a week (depending on the weather, of course!) Recently, Marcus was shocked to find his garage had been burgled overnight.

The burglars forced their way into Marcus’ garage using a crowbar and cut through his two ‘Sold Secure’ bike locks that were locked to an immovable object, using a portable axle grinder – in fact, CCTV footage showed that they were in and out in a matter of minutes. They were very professional in the way they worked and knew exactly where to look.

Marcus phoned the police, got a crime number and then gathered up the rest of his policy documents, including the damaged items and locks, evidence of ownership etc – and gave Cycleplan a call. Thankfully, with all the correct information to hand, the claim was dealt with swiftly and Marcus’ exact replacement bike was delivered within 10 days!

Marcus: “I was overjoyed with how quick and easy the claims process was with Cycleplan. Having my garage broken into was very stressful, but knowing Cycleplan had my back helped alleviate that. I’m still in shock that I have my exact replacement bike so soon after the event!”

2)    Public Liability

All cyclists should have Public Liability cover (up to £5m), at the very least. Consider it your safety net should an accident happen. With the many hazards that cyclists face on a daily basis, even the slightest lack of concentration could prove costly. Public Liability cover can protect you in the event that you should injure another road user, pedestrian or damage third-party property when out riding.

Anthony’s story:

Anthony is a web developer in the city and a keen cyclist. He commutes a 14-mile round trip to work every day on his Specialized Allez and is more than familiar with the route. One morning, Anthony pulled out of a junction to turn left without looking thoroughly, was hit by an oncoming vehicle and knocked off his bike. Remarkably, Anthony and his Specialized walked away from the incident with just a few cuts and bruises, but the car’s front bumper was quite badly damaged.

Since he hadn’t been looking – it would have been Anthony’s responsibility to pay for the replacement bumper. Luckily, Anthony had a specialist Cycleplan insurance policy that included Public Liability cover. The driver’s front bumper was repaired and paid for by Cycleplan.

Anthony: ”I personally can’t believe that anyone would ride around a busy city without Public Liability cover at the very least! I am proof that even if you take the exact same route every day, one small slip of concentration could be catastrophic. I consider myself very lucky to walk away from the accident in one piece, and I don’t have to shell out for a new bumper!”

3. Personal Accident

It’s a shrewd, and recommended, move to take out Personal Accident insurance when cycling. It will cover you if you have an accident whilst using your bike. Personal Accident covers a variety of injuries from big to small: Permanent Disablement, Loss of Sight, Loss of Limbs, Physio Cover, Broken Bones, Hospitalisation, Emergency Dental, and even Death! For total peace of mind, and such a small cost, it makes perfect sense to get protected.

Julie’s story:

Julie is a nurse at a local clinic and also an avid cyclist. She regularly goes on organised rides at the weekend throughout the Peak District that combines both on and off-road riding. A few weekends ago, Julie was out on her regular Sunday ride with a group of friends. It was a bitterly cold day and the trails were still frozen over.

As she broke quite suddenly to make a turn, her brakes locked up and she skidded into a rock next to the trail. Julie hit the rock front on and went over her handlebars. She held her hands out to attempt to catch herself but as she landed, her right wrist bent backwards and snapped. After being rushed to hospital, an X-ray revealed she had broken her right carpel.

Luckily, Julie had Personal Accident cover on her Cycleplan policy. She was awarded £250 financial compensation for her broken bone, as well as £500 worth of non-national health physio treatment and £30 per day financial compensation for her hospitalisation.

Julie: “I’m so glad that I paid that little bit extra now I have seen the benefits of the Personal Accident Cover first-hand. I wasn’t even expecting the physio cover, which has been an amazing bonus, and will no doubt help me recover and get back out riding even quicker!”

We believe it goes without saying that all cyclists should protect themselves from the many hazards faced on a daily basis, and Cycleplan offer the best insurance around, so get your instant quote online today…

Their policies cover Public Liability, Personal Accident, Theft, Loss and Damage of Equipment. Plus: 0% APR on policies with premiums over £50, multiple bikes and accessories all on one policy, a Lowest Price Guarantee & an EXCLUSIVE Cycling Weekly 25% introductory discount!