Best cycling power meter deals: Get up to £550 off a power meter

We've searched for the best cycling power meter deals available now

Riding with a power meter has become increasingly popular, and is a great way to keep track of your progress on a bike. It’s important for you to get the best tool for you when it comes to measuring your watts, but it’s also important to get it at a great price.

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There are several different ways of measuring your power on a bike, from hub to pedals, and just narrowing down what’s best for you is hard work. Then there’s finding a good deal – and to help out there, we’ve done the home work finding the latest and greatest deals on the market meaning all you have to do is click and go.

To compose this list of power meter deals, we’ve chosen from products that we’ve even ridden or brands we trust. Look out for the ‘read more’ links to read our independent review and how we rated it.

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The products featured have been chosen because we know they’re good quality and are an excellent offer at the price we’ve included (at the time of writing). Our tech team have unrivalled expertise and years of experience testing new products, so you can trust our recommendations – and we also know what represents a good deal.

With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Best cycling power meter deals

Verve Cycling InfoCrank Powermeter Crankset was £1,090 now £508.49

Read more: Verve InfoCrank review 

Used by both British Cycling and the Australian Institute of Sport, the Verve InfoCranks were considered one of the most accurate watt measuring devises out there. Not the prettiest power meter on the planet, and a bit fiddly to swop between bikes. But if your looking for precision and easy to use system, once set up, the InfoCranks are perfect and a total bargain at this price.

Buy now: Verve InfoCrank Powermeter Crankset from ProBikeKit for £508.49

Shimano Dura-Ace Power Meter Hollow Tech II Power Meter was £1,499.99 now £1,199.99

Shimano Dura-Ace R9100-P power meter

Read more: Shimano Dura-Ace Power Meter review 

One of the neatest crankset meters to be produced. Measuring duel sided power via ANT+ means there’s lots of compatible display unit options, including Shimano’s own E-Tube app for easy calibration and updates. Not the easiest system to install, but getting the highly regarded and rated Dura-Ace Crankset it worth it.

Buy now: Shimano Dura-Ace Power Meter Hollow Tech II Power Meter from Tredz for £1,199.99

SRAM Red Quarq Road DUB Power meter was £1,070 now £855.99

Quarq DZero Power Meter

Read more: Quarq Zero Power meter

Positioning itself as one of the industry power meter leaders Quarq is swiftly becoming a household name amongst cyclists. The SRAM owned power meter brand has a plethora crank based power meters now, and if you’re happy with a rather aged model you can make even more savings. We’ve selected a more up to date version that comes with a wallet pleasing 32 per cent saving.

Buy now: Red Quarq Road DUB Power meter from Evans Cycles for £855.99

FSA Powerbox power meter was £600 now £450

FSA PowerBox power meter

Read more: FSA Powerbox power meter

Italian component manufacturer FSA has combined its wealth of experience with that of respected wireless electronic and German power measuring experts Power2Max. The watt measurer device of many of the professional cycling teams, the alloy one contains all the reliability and accuracy of the top end version, but in a slightly heavier construction material.

Buy now: FSA Powerbox power meter from Wiggle for £450


4iiii 105 Precision power meter was £299 now £149.994iiii precision 2.0 power meter 2

Read more: 4iiii Precision power meter review 

We were really impressed with the 4iiii watt measuring system. It’s one, if no the, lightest power meters on the market, just adding an additional 9g to your left crank. This also makes it one of the cheapest options too.

Recording just one sided leg data isn’t going to be for everyone, but having tested it in comparison to the Tack Neo indoor trainer, it was pretty accurate in it reading, once the loss of the drive train was taken into consideration.

A more affordable option for riders just wanting to see numbers improve rather than drilling down in to data analytics.

There’s a few groupset options available, but the Shimano 105 option is a great starting place.

Buy now: 4iiii Precision 105 R7000 Powermeter from Wiggle for £149.99

Stages Power Meter Shimano Dura-Ace  was £574 now £429

Stages Power Meter

Read now: Stages Power meter review 

The original lightweight crank power meter, Stages has had a steep learning curve. We’ve had mixed experiences with the system.

The plus points are it’s super lightweight, adding around 20g to a standard crank, easy to fit and comes on pretty much every crank option out there, from Shimano to Campagnolo (although this will be reflected in the price you pay).

We’ve not seen it for  a few years now, but the down points were it’s consistent inconsistency. Hopefully these have been ironed out now.

Another system that’s an option for those just wanting to see an upward trend in numbers without reels of data.

Buy now: Stages Power Meter Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 from Tredz for £429

Garmin Vector 3 Duel -Sensing power meter was £789.99 now £664.99

Garmin Vector 3

Read More: Garmin Vector 3 power meter pedals review 

We’ve had a bit of a love/ hate relationship with Garmin Vector pedals over the years; loving their simplicity of design, low weight and the ability to swop between bikes, while hating the issues we’ve had around water damage, power spikes and inconsistency.

The concept of a duel-sided pedal based power meter is perfect for many folk who use multiple bikes (for example, bike reviewers!) and like the ease of fitting the system themselves. However, a long term review of the Vector 3 left us wanting with endless battery problems that we were never able to resolve, but we absolutely loved all the analytics and ease of use when they did work.

Garmin says its new battery covers have fixed all of the problems – and we’re awaiting a third test pair which will allow us to confirm this.

In theory a fantastic product, in reality a bit hit and miss, so until we’ve tested a set with the updated cover, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if this bargain is worth bagging.

Buy now: Garmin Vector 3 Duel -Sensing power meter from Wiggle for £664.99

Look/SRM Exaket Dual Sided power meter was £1,350 now £1,099.99

Look Exaket power pedal

Read more: Look/SRM Exaket Dual Sided power meter review 

Pairing easily with non-SRM head units, using either ANT+ or Bluetooth, there’s a fair amount of versatility with these power meter pedals, although you do get a lot more functionality if you opt for SRM’s own Power Control 8 head unit, but this will only give you numbers, not maps.

Look and SRM claim the same accuracy for Exakt as SRM’s crank-based power meters. That might be true if you get the physical set-up completely correct. But Exakt is a pernickety beast and if something’s not quite right, your results will be skewed. This decent price reduction makes the fastidious set up requirement worth while.

Buy now: Look/SRM Exaket Dual Sided power meter from Wiggle for £1,099.99

Powertap P2 Dual Sided power meter pedals was £799.99 now £689

Powertap P2 power meter pedals

Read more: Powertap P1 pedals – long term review

We highly rated the Powertap P1 dual-sided power meter pedals for their ease of use and accuracy, finding them the most reliable in the pedal power meter market.

The P2 continue the ‘plug-and-play’ system, but are now sleeker and 34grams lighter at just 398grams for the pair and with another 20% battery life, for a claimed 80 hours of ride time.

Not the biggest of discounts, but with industy-leading watt measuring brand at the fore, they are worth considering due highly regarded accuracy. ANT+ and Bluetooth build in makes sharing data on third party training and social media apps a breeze, but worth noting that some will require an ANT+ conversion dongle to get a both pedal wattage readings.

Buy now: Powertap P2 Dual Sided power meter pedals from Wiggle for £689

PowerTap G3 Rear Hub power meter was £550 now £379.99

PowerTap G3 Hub

Read more: PowerTap G3 Rear Hub review

The original unit for measuring watts, and considered by many still as the gold standard in terms of reliability and accuracy. With less variables and vulnerable parts the PowerTap G3 is less likely to leave you dataless, but the downside that unless you train and race with the same set of wheels, you might need to buy two at the same time.

Connectivity is via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart, so lots of options for head units, but you might find limitations in wheel sets these days as this version doesn’t have thru-axle compatibility.

Buy now: PowerTap G3 Rear Hub from Wiggle for £379.99

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