Fitness: Recovering from collarbone break

Erick Rowsell R

AT this year's European road championships, the GB U23 men's team had their eye on a podium spot. But it wasn't to be, due to a huge crash on the last lap that wiped out a number of riders and left Erick Rowsell with a severely broken collarbone.

Talk to any pro cyclist, and while they will obviously do anything to avoid crashing, they understand that if you want to win bike races, you have to be prepared to put your body on the line.

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Immediate post injuryLack of control/ Disruption of goals/ Pain and discomfortAcceptance of injury/ Recognition of inevitability of injury
Following diagnosisrRealisation of severity of injury/ Recognition of rehabilitation/ Sense of hopelessness/ Doubts about full recoveryUnderstanding diagnosis/ Education about the rehab process/ Examples of injured athletes who have recovered
If surgery is requiresRealisation of seriousness of injury/ Unfamiliarity of surgery/ Impact of injury on future participationUnderstanding the benefits of surgery/ Education about the surgery/ Successful repair of injury
Third quarter of rehab processPhysically tired/ Emotionally drained/ Frustration over the length of rehab processFocus on positive aspects of rehab/ Ensure adequate rest/ See progress toward complete recovery
Approaching to return to sportAwareness of the time and effort invested/ Facing the possibility of failureFocus on quality of rehab/ Recognise their readiness to return to sport/ Remember their desire to return to sport

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